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I am at my end with all this

My story starts about 10 years or so ago.  I am 6'2 348. 40 years old.  I have always been a big person.  MY BP is a little High and take a low dose BP med to help.  I have had 2 stress test, a nuclear stress and last year around this same time I had an anagram done.  I was told MY pipes are clear. lol.  I have always had chest pain at least some point every day for the last 10 years.  Over the last couple years I have I have started getting left shoulder and Left jaw pain.  That is why I was given the Anagram.  After the test last year I still had my normal chest pain.  (I have gerd as well as IBS and was told my ephogus was messed up),but the jaw and shoulder pain seemed to go away.  Fast forward to march of this year.  the should pain and jaw pain came back in full force.  I know have constant left shoulder and Jaw pain.  Over the last few weeks I have developed a felling like I have to cough all the time.  I also feel bloated (even more then I am) and my stomach always hurts.  I wake in the morning and I feel ok until I get out of bed.  I went back to the cardio last month and was told That my Arteries could not be clogged after 10 months and my issues are most likely not heart related.  My ekg was the exact same as it was last year. I fell awful everyday. It effects my time with my kids and my wife.  I dont want to exercise in fear of having a heart attack.  I take Kolonipins but they dont help me anymore.  I go to my doctors.   I also have sleep apnea and have not been able to use my machine over the last few weeks because my lungs hurt even more if I use it.  Just looking to see if anybody else has had some similar issues. Just dont really know what to do anymore.
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