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I had an ECG done in the ER, said it's normal but the notes mention ST elevation?

The details on the printout are as follows:

So I recently got this one done in light of a recent heart scare. Does it look fine? The notes are as follows:

HR 103 bpm, PR interval 160 ms  
QRS duration 88 ms
QT/QTc 326/386 ms
P/QRS/T 60/ 57/ 71 deg
RV5/SV1 0.835/0.685 mV
RV5+SV1 1.520 mV

Report: 1120 Sinus tachycardia [vent. rate >= 100bpm]
4038 Nonspecific ST elevation [ST elevation (II,III,aVF) ]
9140 abnormal rhythm ECG

I have an image of the paper they printed out, if you need to see it just tell me and I can link you a picture. But is this normal? Was it just movement or electrode placement? Or do I need to go back there? I have no pain or anything of the sort but I feel extremely fatigued and I can't afford another visit if it isn't of any concern. I have no diagnosed diseases but I am 270+ lbs

Any thoughts help, thanks.
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