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I hate b.p meds !

just a simple question please - does anyone know -how to ween off b.p medications -like verapamil 240mg -sr
iv have been on this stinker for about 8 months - had nothing but problems with it.. and now im getting allergic
reactions to it !  I got dropped kicked out of work so waiting on cobra forms.  so a doctor is out of the question now.

I am trying a new natural medication from oceanic - res q 1250 company.  and have another back up if that dont work
out well.   but im so-so sick from these fricken chemical medications ,I cant take anymore abuse from the meds.

and for the life of me- I cant understand why any Doctor would give these drugs ,to anyone!!  without first testing them to be sure they can tollerate it , or take it without any problems.  

its bad care and bad meds !   that I paid thousands of dollars for years -to get good safe care ,and got abused !
with stupid drugs that do more harm then good.   so there !!  lol ..
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I couldn't agree with you more!  I have high blood pressure but don't want to go on these toxins either.  I wound up in the ER last night because it got to 178/112! I was petrified.  They want me to go on diovan, and when I said it is probably from menopause, the ER doctor said "please!"....you're lucky you haven't been on them before - most people today start bp meds in their 30's.  Well, I don't want to be one of them!

I am trying acupuncture for the bp right now - had my first treatment today.  I also believe menopause is the cause of this, at least for me, as I was fine and had low bp before it.  There is also a treatment called the atlas adjustment which a qualified chiropractor can do - whereby they adjust the C-1 vertebra.  A chiropractor in Chicago invented the treatment and has had great success with it.  I can't remember his name, but if you google the above, you will find it and I believe he has links to qualified chiros around the country. Unfortunately, there is no one in my area.  

If you go on askapatient.com, you will find so many people with lists of complaints about any given drug. That is what scared me when I started googling about the drug side effects. I wouldn't give these drugs to anyone except a terrorist!

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Don't be fooled by so called "natural" remedies.  All of our drugs originate from a lot of "natural" sources.  People assume because it says "natural" that it is okay to use....WRONG!  The FDA does not monitor "natural" remedies and they can be very dangerous, so be careful.  Also, when taking any of the natural remedies, always let your doctor know if you have to have any surgical procedure with anesthesia.
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mammo is absolutely right.  

The "natural" stuff I took hoping my BP would go down, and refusing to take BP meds sent me to the ER at one time, and it took them 4 hrs to get my BP down.  

DO NOT take high BP lightly.  Yes, certain BP meds can have side effects in certain people, but a stroke or a heart attack is one side effect you do NOT want to have due to refusing BP meds.

There are over 100 BP meds on the market.  My husband was switched 4 times until he found one that wont give him side effects.  I'm on BP meds for the last 6 yrs and never had one side effect.

I'd never, ever refuse BP meds again, and yes, our BP in most people creeps up as we get older.  I exercise and have exercised throughout my adult life, eat healthy, am not overweighed, and have no other medical problems but my BP got high as I got older.  Same for my husband.  He always had low BP and all of a sudden it creeped up, no life style changes, no weight gain, no nothing.  

Aside from strokes and heart attacks high BP also can damage your kidneys.

It took me quite awhile and quite some time of research until I found out that the "natural" stuff I was taking for high BP actually does raise BP in some people and I was one of them.  It also gave me intense PVC's.  I suffer from PVC's off and on since I was a Teenager but this "natural" stuff caused them to get 3 times as bad.  I finally after lot of research found out that what I was taking (natural stuff) also can cause PVC's or an increase in PVC's.

Healthfood stores will not tell you that and frankly the employees there get little over minimum wage and they are NOT informed about side effects, at least that is what I experienced with several different Healthfood stores.  They have to get a book and read up on it and tell you everything is fine when in reality it does have side effects.  

I finally found my answers from a well known Clinic which I will not mention since this is competition.

I also suffer from "white coat hypertension" but my BP also creeped up at home and stayed up.  I was in a hell hole for several yrs.  Due to my white coat hypertension my BP of course shut up at the doctor's office, they wanted to put me on BP meds, I refused, I got to the point where I stopped going to doctors because I was scared to death of "side effects" from BP meds, and was tired of doctors jumping on my case how bad I needed BP meds.  I took my BP at home and could tell it was slowly creeping up, and all it takes is one incident either anxiety or anger etc to go over the top since its already elevated.

Do not take high BP lightly!  I was in your shoes at one time and understand how you feel, don't be afraid of BP meds.  There will be one which will not give you side effects or maybe you'll be as lucky as me and never have a side effect.  

I understand your fear what meds can do to your body, but if high BP is untreated it can and most likely will eventually enlarge your heart and damage your blood vessels or your kidneys.    
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thanks for the kind input on this matter
im still on the normal b.p medications , slowly weening down - Im taking a new natural
med called orosine today along with the normal meds.  so havent stopped them
I know all the risk factors - but have a big problem as im very allergic to most meds.
or become allergic within 15 to 30 days.  

another big problem iv seen is, out of 8 doctors iv had in 2years, none have gone out of circle of drugs they give.  -mostly handing out the cheap normal drugs for b.p
verapamil -procardia- atenolol- corgard- toprol - zestril - diovan  so on .. not one has
gone out and tryed something totaly diffrent by name or brand .
even though im willing to pay extra to have it or try it out !   they just dont do it .

and when im sick, they guess at me as what is wrong, I tell them its the drugs
they laugh and say no way, your just sick and pound down more pills ..

I understand your feelings and what maybe you went thru before.  
iv been in the ER  4 times already due to palpations  and high blood pressure.
all being due to side effects and allergic reactions to the meds.  quickly overlooked
and untested by doctors !  iv only had one doctor in emergancy room tell me , im allergic to atenolol .. yet my stupid doctor tryed to put me back on it.
I have to try something diffrent - yet be safe ..

so maybe when I get cobra working and get somekind of insurnance again
will see a diffrent type of doctor ,that can help me out .. and find something with a bit
of testing - and trail runs .. as im sure there is something out there ,that might work
for me .. with little or no side effects.  

for now I suffer - and keep trying to find a way .. thanks again

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I understand what you are saying about doctors.  Our daughter in law has bad side effects from Ramipiril, I think that is the name of the BP med, and her doctor flat out refuses to switch her, flat out tells her that in no way its the BP med because its the best on the market.

We finally convinced her to see another doctor.  She is one of these people who not dare talk back to a doctor, but rather suffers instead.  It drove us up the wall.  

Hopefully the next doctor will switch her.  That med she is now taking makes her so fatigue she can hardly function and this poor excuse of a doctor tells her flat out "no way is that a side effect of this drug", yet when you look up the side effects fatigue is listed among them.

I bet if this doctor had these side effects she (its a female doctor) would switch meds in a heartbeat.
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I think in todays wacky world of drugs and meds.. most of the newbee Doctors out there
are missing a few points. and are run by big Insurance companys and Pharm companys.
they dont seem to get the picture, we---We!  are paying them for help or service or care.
and its our Life ,they are dealing with. in most cases, Doctors only treat the symptoms
we again are forced or shall I say asked, to take some long named medication, as we are basic Ginny Pigs! in most cases!!  testing out a new drug, they just got in stock.
iv been lied to by Doctors, and hung up on ! and kicked out of offices.  just for standing my ground, I think Doctors today, should listen to the people with the problems and maybe they can learn something about that person?  duhhh -but todays Doctors dont take the time to deal with those problems.  its Money $$$$$
your rushed in and rushed out -they more less guess what to give you.  
and most screw up the dose they give.   by the common guessing your waight and size trick.  that does not always work !  and could be a big reason for side effects.

Another interesting fact is,  the Pharm companys, are into making money and money
they dont care about side effects - but you and Me and others well know ! these companys have billions of dollars and have access to anything they want !  you know
they could make a drug without side effects !  it could happen !! but its Money again
and now they can treat a new side effect with a diffrent medication.  ahh more $$$$

and as well were stuck taking meds, now made in China ,and other countrys -that
dont have to be inspected as well or much.  and our FDA is weak , and not helping
us normal people..  who get side effects.  

also one more word - any doctor that tells me,  its in my head and its not the drug.
causeing side effects..  is a idiot and doctor I wouldnt bother to see again.
A QUACK !    

but what can you expect from a country ,where the pharm companys own the doctors
and control training schools. and meds.   its one big happy family of killers.    
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