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I have unknown chest pains...And I need help...I'M RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS!!

Ok, its not often that I go on forums for much but I'm concern about this on going Chest Pain that doesn't seem to go away for nothing. I'll give you the whole story.
I'm a 24 year old male height 5/9 and current weight 195. According to the Body Mass Index I'm suppose to be like 186 I think...but any how I'm dropping weight. I was originally 233 lbs without any signs of chest or heart related problems, however I was at mild risk for heart disease. I began going to the gym and lost majority of my weight through hitting up the treadmill, bikes, and arc trainer, afterwards did work outs for the lower half of my body. Ever since I dropped weight and when I'm not at the gym I have been experiencing unusual feelings, pressures, and pain in the left area of my chest (the pain radius is right of my nipple and travels upwards to the lower top portion of my chest) sometimes it occurs on the right side of my chest (upper left area of the nipple ). So far I've experienced really dull pressure, heavyness (like something is out of position),mild indigestion, chronic light heart burn feeling, sometimes light sharp pains very seldom were they hard, this twitchy spasm feelings occur on like with in my chest muscle (left area not behind any bones) really light palpitation skips and sometimes touching the skin on the left side of my chest I feel it feels like underneath its lightly sore or achy (maybe its the spasms?). This only happen once but I've had faint aches in my left shoulder and one sore pressure that felt like somebody jabbed me in the chest (center) and over time it slowly traveled to the left of my chest (pain let up) and disappeared near my stomach.
I did some research to see what I can find out and so far I got Heart Attack, Angina,and MVP. I'm siding with Angina though. And here's another scenario..I'd like to get this checked out but I have no medical insurance, can't really afford it, and I'm too broke for a doctor. Originally I came to accept just trying to survive a heart attack when it happens but I thought I might try a less morbid idea before it happens if thats the case. Is there anyone else out there, professional, experienced, and/or knowledgeable about this?! Got any other ideas??? And can someone explain to me my in the world when I was 233lbs I did not have any problems but now that I'm 38 lbs lighter I'm getting these crazy symptoms!?!?! I mean..I changed my diet and everything!
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Oops, I thought the more I tossed out the more diagnosis I could get...Well to answer your question I believe my symptoms started a little early in the month (April). I don't think anything motion base causes any of my symptoms to kick up, however I did get a burning feeling in the left side of my chest when lifting heavy objects ( I'm a bit of a lefty). Breathing doesn't really affect my symptoms but sometimes I breathe deep thinking symptoms would let up. I haven't been to the gym recently since my symptoms started but I did do some running around a bit and I felt fine. I coughing doesn't affect me, I'm not on any meds, The most part I've been eating Subway for most of my dinners and I try to stick to eating mostly white eat. And actually...I have been stressed out and worried...as a matter I've been that way since Early October of last year on up til now.
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Ed is correct, at your age it is very unlikely to be heart disease. Also, chest pain that comes and goes over a long period of time is rarely cardiac related. I seriously doubt this is angina either as it would worsen upon exertion and not at rest. Ask your doctor about costochondritis.

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Hi, I just think a few for details would be of good use. For example, how long ago did the symptoms start exactly. What triggers set the symptoms in motion? e.g. eating, exercise or even when seated and relaxed? Does changing your breathing (shallower or deeper) affect the symptoms? does coughing affect the symptoms? Do you still work out and if so, how often? Are you on any form of medication? What kind of things do you generally eat each day?
On a side note, you are only 24. You say that you are at mild risk for heart disease, but this is very likely to affect you at your age. It is more likely it will kick in later in life, but you are making good changes to your lifestyle so the risk will be reduced anyway. My last question is, are you emotionally stressed out a lot? such as worry?
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