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Im 28 should heart attack/disease be a concern

About 5 weeks ago I went to ER as I felt like my chest was tight and I was struggling to get a deep breath (had to make myself yawn) they done a ECG, blood test and chest xray and all was fine so they sent me home and said it is probably anxiety and/or muscle related.

Since then I have still had this tifhtness around my chest, mainly left and around the breast more than on the breast itself. This also goes round to the side so have being back to my doctor who has checked blood pressure and sent me for another blood test which come back fine other than my esr was 23. Again I was told it is probably muscular and to use paracetamol.

Still got the pains and feel like my top left arm is bruised and have also bought blood up from my throat a couple times so back to the dr who has reffered me to ent to check my larryx and pharynx but has said there is nothing wrong with my heart for several reasons

- Im only 28, I feel pain when sitting/laying down aswell as standing which apparently heart attack wouldn't cause pain whilst resting, the area it is around points to muscular, it has been going on for several weeks. But again told use paracetamol for pain and have being given sertraline for anxiety/depression although I dont and haven't taken one yet as im scared of side effects  

Maybe this is all in my head but I am not so sure and am struggling ignoring it if im honest. I have used muscle rub (deep heat) and it seems to help but I am unsure if it is becsuse the stuff stinks and the vapours going up my nose/mouth/eyes lol  

In the background I have also had a dull testicle pain which I have an ultrasound for my urinary tract in 2 days for as it could be reffered pain from kidneys etc    
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Sorry to hear.  So, they did some tests in the ER which all were fine.  This is good news but am sorry you still suffer symptoms.  Your age is on your side though as you are young.  Advanced age is a risk factor and you are far from that.  But this is not to say something isn't going on.

While the ER is great, it's to take care of the acute situation.  So, they are going to make sure you aren't having a heart attack IN their waiting room . . . but they aren't going to clear you like your regular doctor or a cardiologist would.  I'd see your regular doctor next.  Make an appointment to go over your symptoms.  Let him see the test results from your ER visit too.  He may help you figure out why you have the pain or he may refer you to a cardiologist for a stress test or something like that.  

Get the all clear from your regular doc.  Let us know if you can set that appointment up and how soon.  
I have being back to the doctors several times since being at ER but keep in being told the same

- Im 28 its highly unlikely to be issues with my heart

- because it is also tender to touch around the area and right side it is muscular

- because the pain comes and goes even when im doing nothing it cant be heart attack

- if not it could well be anxiety

I have now seen sevral different doctors and keep on being told the same sort of thing. I have being back to the DRs due to having blood in my phlegm last week several times and they are now sending me for a check on my larrynx and pharrynx for cancer. Have had Ultrasound today on kidney, prostate and bladder and all was fine.

I havent a clue but am getting more annoyed about not having an answer, I can't help but feel the worse which in turn is making me down and depressed. I have asked for a call back from my doctor today after the scan but he wasnt in so will call tommorow. I might ask to see a csrdiologist or have an MRI as I still dont feel something is right
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So, they do no exams?  I mean, you 'could' bypass and go straight to a cardiologist who may give you a stress test and ekg.  But at some point, it may well be determined this is anxiety.  I know that isn't what you want to hear but unfortunately, our body and mind can play tricks on us in the name of high anxiety.  We worry about our heart . . . we feel pain in our chest.  

Anxiety is a treatable medical condition just like cardiac issues.  Remember that.  

See the cardiologist so you know if you need to work on anxiety or if all the doctor's you've seen are wrong.  Let me know how it goes.
I have had Chest X-Ray, ECG, Ultrasound on kidneys, bladder and prostate,  blood tests for renal profile (UE), Liver Profile (LFT), Bone Profile (BONE), Thyroid (TSH), FBC (F), HbA1c (A1C) and ESR but these all come back fine other than ESR which was at 23 then the DR sent me away for Fasting Lipids (FL), LDL, HDL and again ESR but all come back fine (ratio on cholesterol was 3.2) ESR still raised at 32, have also being ENT who have had a camera uo my nose and down my throat but all is fine there. I am currently waiting for Stress Test for the heart
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Hi there. I am not a doctor but will offer an opinion. Have you had a chest X Ray? Its possible something could be going on like plureisy? Its just that the blood coming up is a possible sign. It may go away on its own or need medication. You seem to feel that ever small pain is a major illness. It may be a little anxiety or stress that makes you feel this. Its a bit like you have a pain in your toe, the first thing you think or see when you google it is cancer! can you see what I am saying. We jump 20 steps ahead of whats actually going on. Its understandable but I am just trying to get you to take a look at the bigger picture? Hope this helps
Yes have had a chest xray that all come back clear, have also been to ENT who have put a camera up my nose and down my throat and all was clear there also
Normally I dont get bothered by pain and haven't being to the DR and/or hospital for 4/5 years but of course my chest and light headedness makes me concerned. Yes you are right I think I have heart problema then the next day i have a achey left arm and/or neck but dr has said repeatedly if it was heart I would have known about it by now as it has been about 9 qeeks and also my age is in my favour
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You need the following to start

- v/q scan
- echo
- pft ( with lung volumes and dlco)
- chest ct/ cta
My Doctor has reffered me to a cardiologist for a stress test and I am hoping they will do an echo then aswell to make sure valves are opening and closing but this could take 2 weeks to get an appointment. I have being put on diazepan 2mg for the moment to try and help anxiety
Does diazepam helping with symptoms
I have literally only took one as I dont want to be hooked and they are only 2mg BUT it made me felt drowsy so kind of gave me a reason for the light headeness feeling. Chest pain with or without them isn't there all the time anyway
Yeah, doesnt sound like anxiety at all.  Really think you need a full workup!
What woukd a full work up include?
- v/q scan 
- echo 
- pft ( with lung volumes and dlco) 
- chest ct/ cta
- cpet
- cardiac mri
- nucleaur perfusion cardiac scan
- coronary cta
- right and left heart cath with exertion
If only i could go to my doctor and request all them..... he has literally begrudgingly reffered me for the stress test. He and 3 others have said it is anxiety or muscular after having several blood tests ECG, and the chest xray. Keep on being told i am only 28 so it probably isnt my heart amd they would have records if I had issues or within my family.
If only i could go to my doctor and request all them..... he has literally begrudgingly reffered me for the stress test. He and 3 others have said it is anxiety or muscular after having several blood tests ECG, and the chest xray. Keep on being told i am only 28 so it probably isnt my heart amd they would have records if I had issues or within my family.
I feel like I am banging my head against a wall. You seem to be well in the know are you recommending these from experience or possibly a carsiologist?
Who would have thought all this started from a dull ache in my left teste about 9 weeks ago (got ultrasound tommorow for) at the start of the year i was a happy 28 year old, went gym several times a week and had nothing now I have all this kicking off. Just before Christmas with every dr I speak to not wanting to work with me but tell me its anxiety/muscular bla bla bla
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