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Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block

Hi! i'm new to the forum.... and i just want to know what's really happening in my body.

i'm 25 years old, doing boring desk job... (CAD operator).
since i've been diagnosed with hypertension at the age of 21.
before, my medication was lacipil 2mg.
last year, my doctor change my medication to amlodipine 10mg. since my blood pressure isn't stable.
yesterday, i had a medical exam and was found out on my ECG that i have an Incomplete Right Bundle branch block.
i don't know what's the meaning of that but the doctor says that i'm fit to work, just continue with my medication.  i've got some other findings like...
Adynamic precordium,regular rhythm, AB 5th ICS LMCL, Normal S1 and S2, no murmurs, no skipped beat.

i'm just worried with those words in the result... even though the doctor says its ok...

could somebody explain the findings? thanks a lot!
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An incomplete RBBB is usually of no significance. Right bundle branch block occurs when the electrical impulse from the bundle of His does not conduct along the right bundle branch. Conduction down the left bundle branch proceeds normally, and the interventricular septum and left ventricle rapidly depolarize in the normal fashion.

Incomplete bundle branch block rerely indicates underlying heart disease. But, especially when it occurs on the right side (i.e., incomplete RBBB,) it often has no significance at all. So in general, incomplete bundle branch block should trigger a non-invasive search for underlying heart disease. If none is found, no further tests or treatment are needed.

Hope this helps,

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thanks for clearing some things up. i'm really troubled if during my old age, i might have to get a pacemaker...
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