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Incomplete rbbb

Dear Doctor,

I just checked up my health condition. In the check up result of EKG, there is note that my heart is not normal (incomplete RBBB). What does it mean?. What should I do?.

Now, I am 45 years old. According to a doctor, my overweight is about 10 kg.

Thank you.


Tangkuman Alexander

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Regarding the electrical system of the heart, sometimes either the right or the left bundle branch conducts an electrical impulse more slowly than normal, but is not completely blocked. When this occurs, on the side of the slow conduction, the electrical impulse arrives in the ventricle slightly later than normal, but the electrical is not slow enought to be considered a complete bundle branch block. Incomplete bundle branch block sometimes indicates underlying heart disease. But it often has no significance at all. If you have no other signs of underlying heart disease, there is no need for further tests or treatment.

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