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Inconsistent Ejection Fraction (EF)

    I am 72, M, on Coreg, lisinopril; no bypass, angioplasty, stent;  had PVC's, but controlled with Coreg; last year, EF was 55; now EF by MUGA is 32.  The closest I had  to this was in '96 when I was in CCU for viral myocarditis  I do 30 min cardio 7 days a week, on alternate days I do 40 regular  push-ups, 30 staggered push-ups, 60 crunches, 60 squats, etc ;  on other days, I lift weights; I weigh 104 lbs,  I routinely carry 40 lbs, 50 yds without effort; have active sex life.   Anyone encountered any mistakes in doing a MUGA SCAN?  Maybe in preparing the isotope?  Thanks.

Manny 72
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Given your activity level, and being your age, I'd ignore the MUGA scan and just keep doing the good drugs, exercise, and enjoy your lifestyle.  A tip of my hat to you!  
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While I might agree with Flycaster, I am asking, if you are doing so well, why did you have the test (MUGA) in the first place?
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By default.  When I arrived at the cardiologist's, I was told I was scheduled for a stress test.  I said  I was told it would be a MUGA originally, and am not prepared for an exercise test.   This was to be my  12-month  follow-up of my cardiac cath (EF 55).   Normally I  would wear my shorts and running shoes.  So they did a MUGA instead.

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