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What can I take for Indigestion being on Plavix
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Plavix is an antiplatelet medication to prevent blood clots especially designed for a regimen against clotting with DES (drug eluding stent).  The protocol is usually up to about a year with aspirin (another antiplatelet with a different mechanism).  Because there is a risk with excessive bleeding, it seems that having a digestive issue would preclude the use of plavix due to the bleeding risk.

The risk for blood clots with DES is greatly reduced after a year.  I went off Plavix 6 years ago after a year with DES implant.  I have seen no recent studies that recommends plavix for the long term...does your doctor rely different published information?

Thanks for sharing, but I would ask the doctor how plavix is justified for a long term even without a digestive disorder. Do you have a blood clotting disorder?

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I also have 3 stents. What is the natural approach
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A bushel & a peck and a hug around the neck, boy that brings back some memories,
now about the indigestion, that would depend on how long you have been on the Plavix, and also besides the obvious blood thinning action of Plavix what brought you to be on it?
I recieved a heart stent in 09' and they put me on it then along with the aspirin. This year
my doctor said that I could now go back on prilosec. The gov. came out recently with a
statement that it was determined that acid reducers do not interfere with Plavix as thought before.But like anything else that decision is definitely up to what your doctor recommends for your particular health history, etc, If you were just put on it say in the last year, I wouldn't consider it, but instead go for a more natural approach which is always better anyway.
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