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Inferior infarct, age undetermined

i recently went for a pre op appt and had a ekg done. the ekg showed:
vent rate 93
pr interval 144 ms
qrs duration 82 ms
qt/qtc 364/452 ms
p-r-t axes 31 34 41
normal sinus rhythm
infeferior infarct, age undertermined
abnormal ekg

im a 20 y/o female, over weight with a medical history of:
Neurofibermatosis Type 1
Sleep Apnea

Im currently taking: Lexapro, Nuvigi on a daily basis

i was at pre op to get a shunt placed in my head, but that was put off untill i can get cleared by a cardiologist. i go in tomorrow for a echo test.
Im just worried. ive been stressed out of my mind for the past month, and this is just another thing for me to stress about :(

no family history of heart disease.
should i be worried?

all the doctors told me was that my "q waves are wider than normal"
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Given your age, this is very likely to be a false positive test. EKG algorithms, such as those used in EKG machines to read EKGs are often foiled in young patients. The stress test should be much more accurate and useful in your case.
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