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Intense Upper Right Chest Pain

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and could shed some light on what might have happened to me last night.  I woke up around 6am with very intense chest pain in my upper right quadrant, pretty much right under my breast.  It lasted approximately 5 minutes and hurt worse when I moved.  It felt a lot more intense than any heartburn I've ever had (which I think I've had 5 times in my entire life) but I didn't have numbness or pain in my limbs.  I don't think my heart was racing either.

The pain went away completely after the 5 minutes, but today I'm sore on my right side, as if I overworked my muscles.  When I breath deep I can feel a little residual pain.

Anyone?  Thanks in advance.
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if i were you i would get an appt. with your dr, i doubt if it's your heart and it may be just musculor/skeletel, the fact that there is residual pain would be i concern, it could also be gall bladder trouble, i have had that before and let me tell you it can be really painful
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Thanks Raquel.  I did go to the urgent care Dr. today, and he did an EKG and said it came back normal.  He said that most likely it was muscle spasms, but something just tells me that something else is wrong.  What happened with your gall bladder, and was the pain on your right upper chest?
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the pain was more under my right ribcage, but radiated up to my shoulder....also i had a really bad muscle spasm one time where i thought i had a puntured lung becouse everytime i would breathe in i would get a really sharp pain, it turned out i had a deep muscle injury from doing gymnastics on the parrallel bars!
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