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Interesting fact....

While looking around for updated recommended HDL and LDL levels I came across the American Heart Organization. americanheart.org
  On there they have listed that Female Sex hormones will raise your HDL values.  So, Who wants to be extra friendly and save a live?
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maybe that's why they are at lower risk until they go through the change. I would donate some of my hormones for you but I'm afraid I went through the change years ago :)
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Quote/but I'm afraid I went through the change years ago :) /Quote

Would that be a sex change? Otherwise your hormones wouldn't do me much good, for that matter if you had a sex change I don't think I'd want your hormones anyhow. ;-)
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Mix in cardio exercise/weight work in your day, and some fish oil as well, that should suffice!
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Flycaster,  I think you missed the point of the post, It was made to be humorous.  I do have one question... Why are there only males answering this post? :-(
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