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Intermittent chest pain in 35 year old female

In December I had a pain in left upper side of chest, near shoulder that moved to center and then to right side of chest. From there the pain was in neck, jaw, and arm. I got sick at my stomach and started shaking. I was only doing laundry so it was not from exercise. I went to dr. the following day and ekg, chest exray and blood test normal. He suspected anxiety and put me on fluoxitine.

Since then I have been to emergency room 2 times with the same chest discomfort. Burning and crushing pain. Not unbearable pain but enough to cause concern.

Occasionally wake up with night sweats, a few times in the last couple of months.

All EKG's blood tests and chest exrays have been normal. I have since done stress test and will have echo this week but I'm sick of worring that something is wrong.

A little heart history on one side of family, I smoke, don't drink much, stress level is normal for mother and wife. Nothing major so I can't help but rule out anxiety.

I do too much internet searching on the subjects so I know that is not helping anything.
bp is normally 100/70 or less. It fluctuates a LOT. I got sick of doctors so I try to monitor it myself lately. During the treadmill test it never got above 120/70.

Could this be unstable angina???

I could go on forever with symptoms and questions but these are the major one.
Also the past few days I'm getting burning/tingling feeling in hands and fingers.

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It could be stable or unstable angina but these symptoms are very atypical for this symptoms. With the night sweats and chest pain, it is possible that this may be a pulmonary infection or even a pulmonary malignancy, such as Hodgkin's disease. If all of the above mentioned tests are normal then I would suggest a CT of the chest to address these other issues.
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Just wanted to add that the last few weeks the pain has been mostly on the left side and seems to stay with me longer and longer. After my first episode it was weeks before I felt it again.

I'm too young to feel so yucky. I try so hard to ignore it but when it starts up again, it can't be ignored.

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I'm am supposed to get a CT after we get the rest of the heart tests out of the way, hopefully in a week or so. I'm surprised anxiety and/or GERD were not suggestions. I don't think it's either but there are a LOT of posts about them.

I just seem to get a new symptom every time I turn around. Just frustrating.

Now have a tight, burning knot feeling in center of my back along with the other pains.  Don't believe muscle related. Nothing triggers it or makes it feel better. All of these pains are just random, mostly at rest.

Thanks for the info.
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Im a 35 year old mother with lots of stress lately
In my life.  I have been feeling light headed,  dizzy spells. & some chest pains in the center of my chest. Wondering if this could be just anxiety,  or symptoms of something more serious? ?
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