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Interpretation of echo

I had an echocardiogram that shows my ivsd at 1.62 and my LVPWd: 1.63 cm but the cardiologist said it was mild concentric hypertrophy. That doesn't seem right for these numbers? Please help

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We are not doctors and are not qualified to interpret test results including EKG's, especially based on one lead. Why do you doubt your trained and experienced Cardiologist with his findings? If you have doubts you can always get a second opinion, I would if I were worried but chances are you'll get the same answer. Good luck.
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This was not a ekg, it was an echocardiogram. It was my family Dr that sent me for the echo due to palpitations. I saw you talking about wall thickness on another thread and though you guys may have some insight as to why they would call this mild with the wall thickness and septum thickness this high. I have hypertension and have taken meds for years with it. I will seek a second opinion thanks....
Don' t feel bad. I always arm myself with as much information as possible. I am retired RN.
I have attempted to learn to understand the numbers. I've had a few echos. I have loud murmur and angina. High BP. Diagnosis bordeline severe aortic stenosis. 76 yrs old soon. I am not jumping to get the vascular surgery. Its too risky. Too expensive. I need only one opinion, mine. I won't go to a cardioligist
My GP is furious.

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