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Interpreting EKG Result - Inferior Ischemia

Hello, I recently had an EKG given I was experiencing high heart rate.  Ffter going to a cardiologist, they mentioned my results were normal. However, I see that in the result below it mentions the following: T wave abnormality, consider inferior ischemia
Abnormal ECG

Test Reason :
Blood Pressure : ***/*** mmHG
Vent. Rate : 073 BPM Atrial Rate : 073 BPM
P-R Int : 132 ms QRS Dur : 098 ms
QT Int : 374 ms P-R-T Axes : 045 091 -06 degrees
QTc Int : 412 ms

Normal sinus rhythm
Rightward axis
T wave abnormality, consider inferior ischemia
Abnormal ECG
No previous ECGs available

Can anyone help interpret these results? These appear contradictory to the cardiologist's findings, thank you!
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I have had an inverted T top in lead 3 all my life. Often when they see my EKG then they panic, if i then say i have this every time they say, "oh then it is nothing"   Also understand that the EKG can be wrong as well.  Maybe the hooked you up the wrong way..it happens
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