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Interpreting results of cardiac catheterization

My cardiologist says my cardiac cath. was okay and there is nothing to worry about.  I am concerned as I have a family history with my Mum, maternal Grandad and maternal cousin having Left Main Disease.  I have been having chest pain at rest, have been on cholesterol meds. for 2 years and just started blood pressure meds.  Have been borderline hypertensive for years.  Working in upper management in a very stressful setting.  Am very active, just went on a mountain biking trip for 3 days with the shorted ride being 4 hours and the longest 6.

This is what the report said, "Ostial tapering of the left anterior descending and left circumflex after the takeoff of a very large first obtuse marginal branch could not be excluded.  However, this may be a natural contour of his vessels."

Is this related to Left Main Disease?  Still having intermittent chest pain, better since adding second BP med.

Very interested if anyone may offer another perspective.  Or am I concerned for no reason?

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