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Irregular heart rate, head rushes

I recently went to the hospital as insurance required to get an endoscopy and flex. sigmoidoscopy.  When they hooked me up to the monitor they said I had an irregular heart rate.  They asked if I had ever had chest pain or dizziness.  No chest pain, but I told them off and on for years I've gotten head rushes upon standing..even sometimes after sitting for short periods.  I get dark vision and headache with this and have to stop until I regain vision and composure.  They did an EKG which they said was normal, but told me I should talk to my primary care doc about the two symptoms.  

My sister does have some heart problems.  My dad's mom died in her 40's of a heart attack, so I'm a little concerned, but I've got expenses from different medical issues at the moment and don't want to rush into more bills for no reason.  Could these things be related and what could cause it.  

I'm a 28 year old female, not overweight.

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Better see your Dr;don't put it off!With the family history and your symptoms,it sure sounds like cardiac symptoms.Best wishes!
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