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Irregular heart rate

I am a 26 y.o. w/f with no history of any cardiac problems.  Through nursing school, I had occasional 'chest pain,'which I thought might be related to anxiety.  Approximately six months ago, I discontinued the Pill.  At this time I started experiencing an irregular heart pattern. (I realize this could be unrelated) My heart just starts to race, and it almost feel like someone is choking me, and my head is going to explode.  I feel as if I may pass out.  I've been listening to it, and there have been some skipped beats.  During a slow time at the hospital, I decided to have an EKG done.  I did this at a time when this 'racing' tapered off. (so I did not catch it at its peak.)  The result was NSR, borderline ECG, and RA enlargement.  
I used to be a huge coffee drinker in school, but now I am down to a cup a day. (until I start school again) This happens at anytime.  I could be reading in bed, at work, etc. Normally I would just not think anything of it, but it started scaring me a few weeks ago.
This may sound vague, and if you need more information please email back.  Thank you for your time!

   Patricia Newman
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You may want to discuss this with your physician.  thisis likely to be nothing given your age and your ECG.  You may want to have a holter monitor performed to identify these increase heatbeats.  it may just be sinus tachycardia.
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