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Irregular heartbeat PVC and how I fixed them

Hi all.

If you have PVC's, you'll know how the symptoms can begin to affect your daily life.  I experience anywhere from 100 to 800 PVC's each day and can get pretty depressed some days.

Since 2004 I've been on numerous prescribed medicines, stopped coffee, cigarettes and alcohol and sex (just kidding), all in an effort to reduce or remove the symptoms of PVC's.

I don't want to get my hopes up but 2 days ago I went to the chemist(drug store) and bought some vitamins from the health section. One of the supplements I choose was coenzyme q10  (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coenzyme_Q10)

I've taken these for the past two days and my symptoms have disappeared!  I have had ZERO PVC's since Thursday.

Coenzyme Q10 is simply a vitamin supplement and readily available over the counter.  

As I am not a medical specialist I cannot recommend this as a treatment, but if anyone can ask their doctor and then try this I would be VERY interested to know if this has any affect on their symptoms.

I look forward to hearing back from fellow PVC sufferers to hear if this is cure that works for others.

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Hi DancingHeart:

CoQ10. I can't find the information for some reason, but PVC's were reduced greatly at the 150mg level.
I would also take magnesium and  potassium and see if that helps.
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Thanks Trackermom, I was told by my cardiologist that people on statins benefit from CoQ-10 but I probably wouldn't. My lipids and chol are just fine. (Not that I'm real impressed by this cardiologist and do plan to get a second opinion...) How did you do your research? Are you knowledgeable about body chemistry? Being an RN I'm suspicous of any meds, and even herbal preparations have some bad effects and cause problems or adversely interact with medications. Was awake again at 3 a.m. last night with multiple PACs and PVCs. Probably was getting 12-15 a minute. I'm getting a stress echo Tuesday and then will be back on Atenolol. I've taken three days of Atenolol and not seen any improvement other than I'm so tired I don't seem to care so much about my symptoms. This forum has helped immensely. I'm calmer reading about other people and how they try to cope with this.
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I will like to say that I have PVC's for the last year, and there are not a pleasent thing to live with, but I have realized that they are here to stay. I m on 50mg of metropolol(beta blocker) and it has help a great deal. I have seen several heart doctors and all of them told me that PVCs are normal and that I can continue to live my life the same way I have done it in the last 37 years. The one thing that I know that makes it worst is eating any food that have MSG. This ingredient send my heart into an irregular heart beatting that is not only unconfrotable but dangerous. As I am writting this I am wearing a 30 days recorder to try to explain to my cardiologist of the life that I experience every day, specially before I got to sleep. What I can say is that I have started to eat better, helping with my PVCs as well. I hope that this can make you feel like you re not alone with this. I have enjoyed reading all the commnets. It has make me feel a bit normal, knowing that it is not me inventing the symptoms that I have been experiencing for the last year.
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I am a 26 year old female.  I was diagnosed with PVCs last June and it has changed my life.  I am thankful there are others out there.  No one gets it, they say oh I have those, no big deal..it is a big deal when your lying in bed and cant sleep cause you feel the beat again and again.  Your tired at work, crabby at home and depressed.  I am trying to find a way to cope with this, act like its not there..I just want to feel normal again.  Im on no meds as of yet, had every test known to man..low red blood cells was all they found.  I am taking iron for it.  I try to meditate, but mostly im just tired and would love a good night sleep without the pounding beats.  There are good days and bad days, Im just so glad this is here.  I feel so much better knowing I am not alone.
Hey, there.  No, you're not alone, and I totally feel your pain.  Mine started out of nowhere about 4 months ago.  At first, it was sort of subtle and it would make me cough (a common bodily response).  Then it seemed to get worse, then better, then worse again.  The ups and downs of it!  Anyway, I won't give up till I find some relief.  And I hope you find relief, too.  Wishing you the best.
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I had to take the morning-after pill, and three days later, I developed PVC's... does anyone know about a relation between hormones and PVC's? Could taking this pill have caused my PVC's? I am still having PVC's three weeks after taking the pill.
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i had an episode that landed me in the ER a year and half ago.  tachycardia up to 180 beats a min. that lasted about 6 hours on and off, mostly on.  the docs (no cardiologists) told me if i was 30 years (im 55) old they would blame it on the 5 cups of french press coffee i had 6 hours before and let me go.  i dont usually drink more than a half cup a day.  they wanted to keep me overnight but i had turkey soup on the stove and had to leave anyway.  since then, i havent had any long bouts of fast heart beat.  i had always had that momentary heart stumbling/fast beat a couple times a day but after the event i began to have or notice the pvc's.  i am told that is the feeling of the heart stopping for a beat.  i wake up at midnight, or 3 or 6 am, with a fast heart beat and then a skipped beat every 3 beats, then 19 beats, then 12, then 5, etc.  if i move around and deep breathe a bit i can kind of stop them.  ive tried, but i cant find anything that causes them.  i too have had every kind of test and am 'normal' although all sorts of things show up on holter monitors - and my doc says just forget about it.  after i was prescribed atenolol 25 mg (i take half in the morning half at night in an effort to stop the night wake ups) is when the pvc's started.  i have normal really low blood pressure so sometimes i get dizzy even without atenolol....oh well.  looks like all of us are in the same boat, and more than one doc says forget about it.  so i guess i will.  luck and good health to everyone here.
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I am 21 years old and have been having pvcs and pacs for about 3 years. They really have changed my life, and im scared to do anything. It is so hard to balance work and being a full-time college student with these. I know they won't kill me its just hard to do everyday things, i get tired so fast. If anyone has any encouraging words please let me know. I'm really not sure what to do anymore.
Hang in there.  :-)  So sorry you're going through this.  I am, too, and it's very scary.  You are young and sound healthy, so you have that going for you. Try to focus on things that make you happy, and hopefully they will ease up and maybe even go away!  That is my wish for all of us!!  Take care.
Try deep breathing exercises. They really help. Yoga also..
Could be hormones. My very well known cardiologist says that's common cause. I take 30 mg verapamil and it works great! Also use magnesium oil on my skin. I prefer this to pills as they can upset the stomach. Buy it on line.  Had millions of tests and my heart is good. It was scary when they would come out of nowhere and back to back. So glad I hardly ever get them now. I am also caffeine free. The worst attack I had was after dining out and drinking 3 16 oz. Coke's during a 2 hour dinner. Lasted for days. Been caffeine free ever since. Please do not worry. Talk to yourself. I'm going to be ok, this is not ;life threatening, my heart is healthy. Breathe in through your nose. Good luck.
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Hi, and welcome to Medhelp.  There are many knowledgeable people on this site who can give you lots of helpful suggestions on how to deal with these.  Personally, I am one of those who take the omega 3 fish oil epa-dea combination and it keeps them at bay.  It sounds like you are under a great deal of stress with school and work in addition to your heart issue. A lot of people find relief with meditation, yoga, exercise.  What does your Dr say?  
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I'm sorry, when I posted above I didn't realize how many posts there are on this thread. You can see that there's a wealth of information directly above.  Good luck.
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I just read all of the posts on this site. I am so glad to have stumbled across you guys - my fellow PVC suffers. I'm 47 and just started experiencing PVC's (skipped beat) in January 2010. My doc said "don't worry" . . .well it's the worry that's freaking me out. When some of you share your experiences with the condition and the worry - I can relate. I'm a widower raising my kids and I am so worried I couldn't sleep thinking that my kids would be orphans. I just want to say thank you for sharing your experiences. I'm going to try some of the remedies suggested but I'm also going to try true Chinese acupuncture - why not? Thank again!
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I have had them for years and finally proved to myself that it is MSG.  Try this, cook at home for one week.  DO NOT use ANY prepared foods, just cook fresh meats, rice, pasta etc. DO NOT use any bottled sauces unless it is organic. I think you will find you have no PVCs.
I have never used any of those products. Always cook fresh never use salt, sugar, packaged or bottled foods. My PVC’s started 2 months ago with a stressful episode in my life.  Trying now everyone’s ideas even vit b, q10, I already took fish oil so no point adding more. Literally no idea what else I can do. I guess everyone is different and I’m really pleased when people have success and share ideas. By the way I’m slim, exercise every day, do yoga. Obviously these can strike anyone
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I started taking Bystolic, 2.5mg back in November for mildly high BP.  Bystolic is a Beta Blocker.  Since taking the medication I have developed PVC's .... not too many per day but definitely noticeable.  I am under the impression that beta blockers are supposed to help with PVC's.  Could the Bystolic be what has triggered mine?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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I am 40, mine started around 5 years ago around the same time I started having panic attacks when I was hung over after a night of heavy drinking.  So no question alcohol is a trigger for me and I had to cut way back on drinking alcohol.  

For the last couple of years my PVCs have been almost completely eradicated by taking the fully daily recommended allowance of calcium and magnesium supplements.  However, just recently I've noticed they are coming back even though I continue to take the mineral supplements.  I now notice that overeating, eating certain foods (high carb and fat), and not getting enough sleep, as well as stressing in general all seem to trigger PVCs.  

I never realized how common they were until I started reading here... I guess PVCs just bother some people more than others... my doctor also says that he gets them all the time and to just ignore them as they are generally harmless and almost everyone gets them.  It's just for some reason that is unclear a small number of us are really bothered by them.  They still give me a start every time I have them, especially when I haven't had one in awhile, even though I now "understand" they are not dangerous.

I sure feel sorry for some of these folks who describe a much worse pathology with PVCs and other heart related maladies.  I can certainly sympathize, even if mine aren't quite that bad.  

Propranolol has been a HUGE help to me with my brand of anxiety (in fact I almost never need ativan or xanax anymore thanks to Propranolol (Inderal)), and I'm going to try the CoQ10 starting today.
It's probably dehydration not the alcohol. This triggered mine. Make sure to drink enough water and get a good one with electrolytes in it.
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Also, I just remembered that I have gotten impressive relief from PVCs by using Calcium Citrate in liquid form rather than Calcium Carbonate pills.  I had forgotten about this, and started taking the liquid again yesterday and they stopped completely thereafter. I had been getting around 2 to 3 dozen per day for the last month or so, but the day I switched to liquid Calcium they stopped, and I haven't had a single one in nearly 24 hours.

PVCs may have different underlying causes and factors for different people, but there is no doubt in my mind that my own are caused by a calcium deficiency and are triggered by alcohol, overeating, high fat/starch foods, stress, and not getting enough sleep.  But even when I am engaged in bad behaviors (I still drink a bit and don't get enough sleep), I will not get these PVCs  -AS LONG AS- I can keep my calcium levels up.

You can get a product from Welesse that has liquid Calcium Citrate and Vitamin D which is very inexpensive and is fairly easy to take.  The calcium carbonate pills worked for me for a period of time, but recently they just don't seem to work anymore.  

Not being a doctor, chemist, pharmacist, etc... I don't know how to explain, but I am convinced that mine are caused by calcium imbalance, so others may get relief from calcium supplementation, but perhaps not everyone.  hope this helps some people at least because I can completely sympathize with how disturbing these things are, even when they're just mild like mine.  

It's like an earthquake... people say oh don't worry they're harmless, but the mind can't help itself... you immediately become terrified that they will get bigger or that they won't stop... some people are just more disturbed than others by them, just like with earthquakes.  Ever notice that people can't stop talking about earthquakes after they happen?  It occupies the mind in a very extreme way, much like PVCs do for those who notice them or have stronger or more frequent ones like we do.  You just can't ignore them without working really hard to train your mind, and even then... it's not very effective in my experience.  They still startle me every time.
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I have been suffering from pacs for the last 10 years. I am 43 and have been on atenolol, toprol and now on flecainide and i still get them almost 24/7. Is anyone out there taking flecainide?
yes i am taking flecainide and bisoprolo i started getting SVT tachycardia a year and a half ago and then it stoppped and ive just had a new bought after a very stressful summer and ended up in hosptital for 5 days both times I have had an operation performed called an abolishion and both times they have been unsuccessful in other words the couldn’t get the tachycardia to start or respond to the drugs to be able to burn or correct the problem, I am now faced with going home and living with this as the drugs don’t seem to be responding and this is very worring for me and my wife and two and a half year old ( he doesn’t understand YET)
yes i am taking flecainide and bisoprolo i started getting SVT tachycardia a year and a half ago and then it stoppped and ive just had a new bought after a very stressful summer and ended up in hosptital for 5 days both times I have had an operation performed called an abolishion and both times they have been unsuccessful in other words the couldn’t get the tachycardia to start or respond to the drugs to be able to burn or correct the problem, I am now faced with going home and living with this as the drugs don’t seem to be responding and this is very worring for me and my wife and two and a half year old ( he doesn’t understand YET)
I have been on metoprolol(25mg) and flecainide acetate(50mg) twice a day for several yrs and controlled it, but a  couple of yrs ago they started back. I read on a website like this about magnesium helping with  PVC's and tried that which helped me not notice them anymore. This past Saturday I  gave blood, which I always do a double, and in the early am on Monday I was awakened by my PVC's. Here it is on Thursday and I'm still having them. This is probably the longest I have had them at 1 time that they have been this noticeable. On here looking for something else to try now.
Be careful on Atenolol. There is a risk of developing higher risk of diabetes. Older beta blockers are notorious for this. Maybe try the newer class of beta blockers. Magnesium is good if your kidneys are fine. 2 tests for needed magnesium normal serum level which represents only 1% of magnesium in your body. The other is RBC (red blood cell) is more accurate level of mag in your cells.
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I have had skipped beats for years.  Like everyone else, my heart is jumping into my throat.
The comment here has to do with coq10.
I take a multi-vitamin with coq10.
I am away and only have the vitamin w/o coq10.  So, I'm taking 100mg supplement.
The palps have been bad for the last 10 days.
They start about 1 hour after I take the coq10.
One day a scientific experiment does not make, but today I decided not to take the coq10.
Today, no palps!!!???
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my pvcs cause me to have lower GI problems....experience the pvcs and then need the restroom almost immediately....then feel very tired and take a nap for about 45 min......anyone have this gastric problem with the pvcs ???
Hi there, was searching the net to verify if gastritis can trigger PVCs, Fortunately , I cam acroos this site. I was diagnosed with gastritis and recently, had diarrhea with severe abdoinal pains and PVCs. I was rushed to the ER, discharged after five days. PVCs were lessened but my cardiologist is still trying to determine what is causing my PVCs, Today, I noticed that my abdominal pain was  triggered by sour foods and it aggravated my PVCs. So, I have a strong suspicion that GI problems can cause PVCs.
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2nd day not taking 100 mg supplement.
no palps
maybe interaction with prilosec, zocor, or multi-vitamin(?).
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Read to the end...there's light at the end of the tunnel! I don't get PVCs any more!.....I started having occasional PVCs aged about 19 while a student and remember taking myself to the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack. I gave up coffee which seemed to help(still don't drink it to this day) and I put it down also to exam stress etc. I used to go jogging regularly but in my mid-thirties had to stop due to increasing irregular beats during runs. I really missed my running. I tried again in my early forties and the same thing happened.  Also, when I was anxious or nervous my heart beat would flip around.  Then I had a really bad bout of PVCs in my late 40s despite no running.  For a while they would be every 10 seconds or so while at rest and last for hours. It was so depressing and uncomfortable. I had an echo cardiogram and 24 hour monitor but they said nothing was wrong, that they were harmless and to carry on as normal.  I took them at their word and decided to go running again despite my better judgement. I got the biggest bout of PVCs like thwacks in the chest one day while out on a run and sharp twinges of pain in my chest which frightened the hell out of me.  After that even a small exertion seemed to bring them on.

I had noticed over the years that there was a connection between my stomach and the PVCs.  I was never sure which came first.  I tended to get a lot of belching or burping when I had the PVCs.  I tried an effevescent anti-acid powder called Andrews(sodium bicarbonate and magnesium sulphate mainly with citric acid) and noticed that it definitely eased the discomfort and the PVCs subsided.  I was taking Andrews several times a week.  About two years ago I read about Aloe Vera easing stomach problems and healing the lining of the stomach and intestine. About two years ago I tried taking some Aloe Vera tablets equivalent to 10g per day of fresh gel.  I felt no stomach problems or PVCs after a while on these and hardly needed the Andrews.  I decided very gingerly to try running again at the age of 58 over a year ago....and I've been running ever since with no problem, competing in two 6 mile events in that time.  Even when I was young 2 miles was enough for me.  

I cannot say for certain that it is the Aloe Vera that has rid me of these infernal PVCs, but I can recommend it as something to try...especially if you notice a connection between PVCs and stomach/indigestion problems .  I also take CoQ10 now but that was begun after the improvements had already started in the PVCs.  For the record, I also eat a home-cooked wholefood diet with no fast food or processed food and low in salt and sugar.  I have noted that the low salt diet has helped to lower my blood pressure significantly.  See my website: http://saltandbloodpressure.weebly.com
I had my first palpertation after a run I had boiled eggs before it i pannicked couldntbreath bit of a shock I don't run now I felt bloated all the time wanting to burp think stress is a lot to do with it to I  still ha e Palos some times 3 a day not nice still try I g to find answers to whats going on i to want to get back running
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I'm male, 64, and have felt these "missed beats" since around age 15. I've done my share of worrying about them, and have been tested, but my doctors have also told me that they're not going to kill me. I've been on beta blockers (propranolol, etc) for many years for rapid pulse, and they helped by making the PVCs much less noticeable. Around age 40, I was having lots of episodes, and I happened to read an article about NUTS and how they can help prevent irregular heartbeats, so I gave them a try. I ate a handful of mixed nuts a day, and after a couple days the PVCs disappeared. I continued eating the nuts, and the PVCs stayed away, for the most part, for about 10-12 years! But they have gradually returned now, and that's why I'm on this site, looking for other things to try.
Thanks for all your comments!
(Try the nuts, they worked for me).
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After 3 weeks on CoQ10 and liquid calcium, a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, no caffeine and daily exercise . . . I'm sorry to have to report that I've experienced little, if any, change in my PVCs.  About the only thing I can point to as an apparent cause of increased PVCs is red wine.

I'm still hoping to hear other success stories.
hi there, guess you are right I had my PVCs and I asked to be rushed to the hospital. after I was discharged and tried to surf the net for causes of PVCs, I read that one of the causes is red wine. Then I suddenly realized that my PVCs were due to the red wine which I drank every afternoon after  work for successive five days. They say red wine is good for the heart but  Too much is poison!
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Stopped statins cold turkey when I found out, via my medical history which I obtained from the clinic I used to go to, that my pulmonary fibrosis was caused by Pravachol. However, this caused statin rebound, which took the form of two bouts of leg cramps about two months later, return of peripheral neuropathy Big Time, and, about a month after I quit the statin, a run of tachycardia which had me calling for an ambulance. There followed a series of odd PVC's and other weird heart behaviors which plagued me off and on for several months.The tachy never again went as high as it did when I was taken to ER and soon disappeared entirely. Doctors at Mayo say the PVC's are harmless and that the tachycardia and other symptoms had their origins in the sinus node of the heart and therefore are something I needn't worry about (they can say that! they should try having them sometime!).

I began taking 1000 mg of CoQ10 when I dropped the statins, and right away my skin became silky and the rough, coarse ring half-way around my heels disappeared finally after all these years of trying one cream after another to no avail. Not only did the  tachycardia disappear within a couple of weeks after it showed up, but the strange heartbeats are less and less frequent, now showing up only when I'm short of oxygen.  
Suspect they are on their way out. And as for the 1000 mg of CoQ10: Parkinson's patients are treated with 1200 mg daily, a cardiologist in Texas treats with between 200-300 mg daily, and nobody has yet found any adverse effects. However, once the statin rebound has gone away (I think I may have a short bit of it left), I do plan to drop down to maybe 100 mg daily - slowly descending to that level, of course, and pausing with each small decrease to see if there is any problem. Note, however, that I am a senior citizen, and seniors tend to be short on CoQ10 anyhow so I will stay on it the rest of my life.

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Okay, do you folks ever stop to think that maybe your palpitaion problem could be something small and possibly even mental?! Anxiety is a leading cause for PVC's and PAC's for me. I was born with two holes in my heart and a faulty pulmonary valve (fixed) but left me with left ventricular hypertrophy and a right bundle branch block. Both of these issues can cause palpitations. But for me they don't! Anxiety causes them. The fact that you are all on here looking at this forum stuff is a great indicator that you suffer anxiety. My palpitations scared the hell  out of my when they first came about. After seeing my cardiologist four times in 6 months and bring told i was healthy I finally came to grips  with my problem. I was causing them. I cut of coffee, alcohol, exercise, sex and anything else they could spark my adrenal gland and bring about anxiety and palpitations. I've defeated it my problem by considering what most of you haven't.  Anxiety and stress. Cut it from your life and enjoy things like a nice cup of coffee and a game of touch football. You owe it to yourself and your happiness, take charge of your life and stay out of the dumps about palpitations, heart conditions and etc. You only live once, and unless you physically have a reason to worry than just know it's all mental!!
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One i wanna say thank u to all of u that have posted...i had my first dose of PVC'S about month ago... drove myself to the hospital thinkin i was having a heart attack...thank god everything looked good...but was having these PVC'S that i have never had before...doctors tell u not to worry..how can u not worry when it just doesnt even feel right....its very scary...there r nights i cant even sleep cuz im scared my heart will just stop...Im 40 with 3 kids so i cant afford to kick the bucket just yet ...so i been tryin to cut out all of things...and have just picked up a bottle of the COQ-10 ..so im going to give that a try..as well has the beta blockers..there r days that things r not so noticeable but then there r days it just seems like one after the other and scares me to death...now i must say...with all that being said...i do stress not to much but i have never had these before..so its all new to me...im a happy giggle basket of  laughs and normally i dont let anything get me down..so not sure where all this came from...anyway the whole reason im writing this is to say one..i find all the post very interesting to read..and want to say i will take in count all that post.. Thank u for sharing ur stories!!! prayers sent to all ..thanks
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I have been reading so long, my vision has gone blurry!  Thanks for all the posts and comments.  I've had PVC's/PAC's for well over five years now.  When they first started, I too thought I was on my way out.  I'm 53 now, and I still worry.  Some days are worse than others.  I'll sometimes have 3 to 5 or more a minute.  Other days I will barely notice them.  But about six months ago, I went into A-fib.  Spent 2 days in the hospital, and drugs got me back to normal.  I too am borderline low-blood pressure, but I did try Toprol (way back when) and then moved on to Cardizem (which I miss!) before the A-fib episode.  Now I'm on the new drug Multaq and an aspirin a day therapy.  But my stomach is bad.  I do have gerd.  Lately, I've been wondering if I have something worse!  It's bad.  So are the PVC's.  A few of you mentioned possible relation between heart and stomach.  I'm going to try liquids for a few days to see if that helps with both.  I'm also going to try the CoQ10 and the AloeVera.  All my doctors tell me not to worry either - that it's just my "weird" system, and it's "normal for me."  After A-fib, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea can damage the heart.  I guess I've had sleep apnea for awhile.  Now I use my mask at night and I do sleep much better, and wake up feeling more awake and less groggy.  My cardiologist has told me that sleep apnea is deadly and can cause the a-fib.  It really stresses the heart.  But even after using it for about 4 months now, I still get the PVC's/PAC's, but not the a-fib, which was SCARY.  I'm praying that doesn't happen again.  Since then, I've gained weight.  I'm afraid to exercise.  When I do exercise even a little walk, I feel the PVC's for two days and I get short of breath easily.  It scares me, but I know I should continue walking to help strengthen my heart muscle.  That's what my doc says.  It's just scary.  I used to walk a few miles daily and loved it!  I miss that happy feeling you get from exercise.  Also, I am prone to anxiety - have always been.  So the one posts about anxiety was noteworthy.  I was born anxious and I think I always will be.  I try not to worry, but the littlest thing will set my mind to thinking, and that's not good!  Anyway, I've rambled.  I just wanted to share my experiences with the palps and see if putting out more information could help anyone else. Best wishes to all of you!
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All doctors say to cut out coffee, but i heard one on a news show say he also suggested it but now has found coffee will stop them. I like coffee so i gave it a try. Who wants to be some drug companies lab rat? And vitamins, what the heck is in those anyway. I started out with just a cup at around 4pm..I've built up a resistance i guess and drink 2 cups now and usually drink one before 6pm. I had them so bad that i would go hours without a normal beat, some nights i would wonder if i would wake up in the morning. But after 20 years of them, i decided that if i were going to die from it i would have already. I tried many things to stop the episodes, sometimes it would work for a day or two. But the coffee has worked since september.
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It seems like this is an entire thread dedicated to the dreaded PVCs and, actually, there are probably pretty many other things going on here in the arrhythmia department.  I am an RN with a background in cardiac who has had a ton of weird rhythms for over 30 years.  You guys all make very valid points.  If you ever want to read a ton of information go to the Heart Rhythm forum.  This forum is more for people who have cardiac disease and there are tons of people who get PVCs that do not have disease.  If you ever need info, it is a a good resource.  Also, we all understand what you're going through.

However, if you have symptoms of cardiac disease, then this forum is your best bet.
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I have found magnesium supplements and also St John's Wort are effective at stopping them or keeping my PAC's to a minimum
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I am so grateful that all of you have taken the time and are willing to share your stories. I started having panic attacks post partum 27 years ago. Since then the anxiety has taken many forms including pvc's and  esophageal spasms and GERD. I have had many months free of symptoms, sometimes while taking meds like nexium or xanax sometimes just because things are going well in my life and my stress is reduced. For me the anxiety that leads to the dreadful PVC, spasms and panic becomes heightened in times of severe prolonged stress. I too just 'live' with it all.  After many different heart tests, GI exams, psychologists, I can say that what seems to make a difference in reducing pvc's is reducing stress and stress reaction and making sure that I have enough potassium and magnesium as well as eating apples for GERD. Years of ruined vacations, a career derailed, relationship problems, weight gain from fear of exercise have left me wondering if this will EVER go away.  I have not given up. When I have bouts of pvc's I live through them and keep hoping they will be the last.  Knowing that I am not alone in this is s great comfort. I believe that if I met any of you I would break down and cry because I understand the way you feel. Thank you for sharing on this forum.
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Here's our heart rhythm forum where almost everyone is going through some type of arrhythmia - feel free to join us there also =)

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I'm so happy to have read your post. I kept telling my sister that every time I experience a skipped beat, I feel gassy. Its not always related, but has been after McDonalds or some other junk food. I thought I was going insane relating the 2 incidents. I started getting tachycardia bouts when I was 15 years old, they'd come once every few years. Then after having a baby, I'd notice I'd have a tachy spell lasting up to 30 minutes. A few years ago I had a Super Ventricular Tachycardia which sent me to the ER as I was having symptoms of a heart attack. The EMT clocked my heart rate at 222, injected me intravenously, stopped my heart and then injected me again to restart my heart. Since that day, I've had skipped beats, tachycardia, but have slowed down since. I started mental noting what I ate or drank when i had these episodes and they all had the same common denominators, High Fructose Corn Syrup. I told my cardiologist about my find and he didn't seem to find my validity in what I was saying. Trust me when I tell you HFCS has EVERYTHING to do with how your heart functions. Some companies have now replaced HFCS with Aspartame which is 50 times worse for you, but for anyone in general. Its pure poison for your body. I have since written to every company that uses it and believe me, it is in EVERYTHING!! I have written the FDA and the General Surgeon asking it be removed. Oddly enough, I have come to notice that many companies are in fact removing the substance. Most places have turned to using pure cane sugar, or just plain sugar. Corn syrup doesn't affect me, but HFCS which is processed, does in a major way. I have written to that commercial that portrays HFCS to simply be made from corn. Yes, while it very well may START out as corn, its then severally processed. Whatever they do with it, bugs my heart out. Thank the Lord that I've not had any SVTS in years (knock on wood), but the PVCs/PACs are still here on a constant basis. I notice if I don't hydrate enough or eat, I will have them more frequent. I also get this weirdness as someone mentioned above, that if they move or lay a certain way or wear tight clothes, they will get worsened symptoms. This happens to me as well as puts me into a tachycardia episode. I, like many on here, live everyday in fear to where its almost debilitating. I have worked from home for years now, and also attend college from home because, I'm petrified to be out in public and have an episode. I try to over come this fear and I'm getting better with it, but its the scariest thing I've ever had to go through. I notice that when I have a skipped beat, I instantaneously hold my breath. Don't even ask me why! I'm wondering if carbs, sugars, processed foods cause them, they seem to and I'm wondering what Gerd or gas has to do with them, they seem to go hand in hand. I also wonder if my body cannot breakdown sugars anymore and that's why I get them so often as well. Not to say I'm glad I'm not the only one, because I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but I'm happy I'm not alone, even under these circumstances.
Good luck with the heart issues, everyone. I pray they go away! SLP
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Has anyone tried exercising?? I heard it helps...
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look at the titel
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For some strange reason people take comfort in knowing that they are not the only one experiencing something, I commonly come on online a read other's similar situation's and for whatever reason it give's me comfort and courage. I like all of you suffer from an abnormal heartbeat. Skipped beat's..hard beats..Sloooww beats..Missed beats. Weird Chest pain's. PANIC!! attacks. All the fun stuff that most people have the privilege of not having too experience :)

I was born with a disease called Wolf parkinsons white. Commonly known as WPW (go figures) I have been dealing with this everyday for 6 year's.I had an ablation and after it started getting all the above symptom's. And REALLY bad panic attack's soon after. Like you after a million ER visit's I am told the same thing. They are harmless and I am fine Seee yaaaa!! "Really Dr.DGAF"  " I sure don't feel fine" The Dr replies "Nope your cool man.Everyone gets them it's no biggie"... Not a good time. Its scarier that a priest in kindergarten  I know!!. And it never seems like anyone can help. I think that these are one of those condition's that there is no simple cure too. Everyone body is different and something that works for someone else. might not work for you. We all deal with it in differently emotionally and physically. And some of us just don't have a choice but too bite on a stick and suffer thru it.

I personally deal with this with a few conventional way's and a few controversial. It really is a balancing act that I still have not perfected..But make's my life bearable. I take metoprolol. I try try to stay hydrated. And I try to eat regularly..I don't watch my diet. I just make sure I eat meals 3 times a day. Those are my preventive steps. Now for the fun stuff when I start getting crazy heart. I drink a few drinks. And when I say a few, I mean 2-4 drinks. Alcohol thin's your blood and is a depressant. When they start getting bad I take painkiller's (Vicodin or Percocet) Opiate's lower your blood pressure and eliminate stress. Xanax when it get's really bad. Slow's your cardio system and eliminate's stress. I am sure some of you don't agree with this system. But trust me I went a year completely natural..Eating a super balanced diet. Daily workout schedule.. a perfect lifestyle considered by many and that didn't work buy any mean's My finger's have been glued to my neck taking my pulse for 6 years. And this has worked for me. At least 90% of my life has been normal since I have been on the rock star diet. I don't want any of you to take this and take this to the extreme. I DO NOT mix these and drink crazy and or take anything in excess. I do the bare minimum to just get the effect of the drug's. As with the listed medication you should not have more than 2 drinks MAX when taking these. Acetaminophen WILL shut down your liver with too much alcohol. And as with anything ask your doctor first. A doctor will not put you on this mixture BTW for heart problems. But I did tell mine and I told him it was the only thing that has worked and I was going to do it whether he wanted me too or not. He told me as he could not recommend it legally. But he told me the limitation's on doing it. Generally I start with about 10 mg of codeine and take 25mg of metoprolol. If it continues I drink a beer or 2 and take .25mg of xanex. My Heart beats 70bpm. And my blood pressure goes to a perfect 120/80. And most importantly  PVC's stop.

I completely feel what you  guys are going thru, Worst thing is to panic. It will make the PVC's worse. I feel better being on the phone or around someone that know's of my condition that can take action if something does go wrong. But like everyone else here. I have been sure I was dying at time's and I am still here. I have talked to people that have been dealing with this for 50 years!! And they are still ok.  They have felt like they were dying 50 years ago and they are in good heath even. Remember that!!  Enjoy all and I wish you all the best and good heath.
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I am glad that I found this forum. I too, am an RN, 63 years young, still working and very active. Have been having PVC, for a number of years now. It has been getting considerably worsened since my thyroidectomy in 2008. My TSH, runs amok every six weeks, widely disproportionate to the amount of synthroid that is prescribed. I m currently using a loop recorder, as the symptoms are wretched. It is putting a crimp in my lifestyle. Waking up at night, etc I am certain that it is due to my post thyroid status. My endocrinologist just keeps changing my dosage, and the cardiologist says I am fine!
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Hey i had them for over 37 years and I am stll here , and I pray everyday that God will take them away I do not know why we get them or what cause them but I just want a normaly life ....Hazel
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Understand completely your remark about feeling cheated. I feel exactly the same. I know people who drink, smoke and take drugs and abuse their bodies and don't get skipped beats. Me, I lived a clean life and this happens to me and is driving me out of my mind. It just doesn't seem fair.
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I switched to Losartan for 3 days.....PVC's went completely out of control.....100 per min. at one point! Twos threes....for hours.  Took 25 mg. Atenolol and stayed quiet in a chair.  Stopped completely within 30 min.  None since after going to 25 mg Atenolol twice a day.
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i had it since i was a kid till around mid 30, it stop for around 10 years( i quit something, not smoke, not coffee, not alcohol), lately it is back, my wife got me this soda machine at home, it happen every time i drink soda(i did not add any sugar, it just plain soda), i never notice it got something to do with carbonators until my mid 40. Hope this info will help.
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I am a 68 year old male, artificial aortic valve 9 years ago, exercise = 46 minutes walking and 45 minutes Aquafit five days a week.

Three years ago PVCs started and got worse all the time = 15+ per minute. After reading these forums two weeks ago I started taking one 150mg Q10 a day, one multiple vitamin in the morning and one at night, eat two bananas a day and drinking a glass of water every time I pee.

10 days ago my PVCs stopped completely :) :) :) !!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
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PVC's are funny, kind of a running joke.

Until you have a serious heart issue and learn that your heart really will kill you if you don't pay attention.

Then they turn into an endless nightmare, a constant reminder of that base fear we all suffer from.

Sad part is that laughing Doctor isn't smart enough to see the relation and respect it. And that's more frightening then the PVCs.
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Be careful if you are taking Plavix or it's generic.  I take the generic Clopidegrel and my Doctor advised me against Co Q 10.  Fortunately I only have a Random PVC issue but with CAD it's a concern.

Good health everybody.
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Good post. I believe that there is a link between HFCS and cardiac arrhythmias. I have tried all kinds of things to avoid my PVC/PACs, and sometimes they just keep on coming no matter what. I have had them for 40+ years now, and they seem to come in bouts. Coffee ad chocolate seem to be the most prevalent triggers and I avoid them. As I have gotten older they seem to have gotten worse. I have worn a Holter Monitor several times. They used to be huge and slung over an arm, now they are tiny and the size of a small cell phone. I have had different heart specialists do full exhaustive analyses at age 20, 40 ad 57 and every time they come up with the diagnosis that my PVC/PACs are benign, and any drugs to prevent them (like beta blockers) would be worse than the skipped beats. So I live with them.

As for exercise, that does not affect me one way or the other. I am in good physical muscular shape, and I can out work people half my age and still not be out of breath. It seems more to do with electrolytes and minerals and neurotransmitters, and/or a combination of them. I get cramps and migraines, so I take potassium and magnesium supplements daily (and have for years). CoQ10 does not seem to affect me one way or the other. I have tried that as CoQ10 as Hawthorn and 5-HTP and other supplements. PVC/PACs seem to be more the result of my diet and what is in food that I need to avoid, rather than adding more supplements to my diet. With exception of potassium and magnesium that is, as I cannot seem to get enough of either in my diet for various reasons.  

I have had problems with SIBO lately, and that seems to be associated with the arrhythmia. SIBO is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine and it leads to bloating, gas and feeling like crap. It can also trigger vertigo and what have been diagnosed as anxiety or panic attacks, but they are physical and not mental. My GI specialist diagnosed me with SIBO and I got an Rx for antibiotics which helped for about 6 months. Then it returned. Then I went on a naturopathic antibiotic and that also helped, but the SIBO kept returning over time. So I looked at my diet, which was high fiber under advice from my GI doctor, and that was leading to more SIBO. High fiber usually means a high carb diet, and high carb diets lead to higher amounts of bacteria in your small intestine, where they do not belong. So I have since flipped back to a high protein lower fiber diet and the SIBO is under control. SIBO is often times mis-diagnosed as all kinds of things like GERD, gluten intolerance, etc. I was tested fro gluten intolerance and I am fine with eating wheat.

Recently SIBO has become better understood and accepted by the medical community as a growing issue. It seems to be associated with the high intake of sugars, HFCS, as well as sugars that you cannot absorb or digest, like maltodextrin. Maltodextrin winds up being passed through your small intestine and gobbled up by bacteria in the wrong place, and that leads to gas and bloating. Eating too much sugar and simple carbs can do the same thing, and leads to SIBO. SIBO then causes other symptoms, because when your small intestine bloats from gas, there is no where for it to expand in your abdominal cavity. That exerts intense pressure on your abdomen, and causes symptoms like arrhythmias, gas attacks, bloating and disorientation, and whatever else.

Anyway, my 2 cents worth here. HFCS seems to bring on PVCs for me. It may be directly causing them by interfering with minerals and electrolytes in the heart (as described by many people online) or indirectly causing them through the effects of SIBO. Coffee and chocolate also trigger them for me, as does anxiety and stress. I can get hundreds or even thousands of PVCs and PACs a day. They counted 350 in one afternoon on one Holter test a few months ago. They come and go; good days with none, and bad days with endless arrhythmias. I have cut out HFCS as much as I can from my diet and that seems to help. It would certainly account for the randomness of the symptoms that I have had lately. Processed food products change ingredients constantly. Recently MSG, HFCS, sucralose, and maltodextrin have worked their way into the food processing business to such an extent that they are in just about everything now. Sadly. Anything to make a buck by making it taste sweeter and tastier. Read labels, look at what you are eating, write down what you eat in a food diary and how you feel afterword. You may find out what is causing your symptoms for PVCs, and probably many other things.
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Calcium deposits in the arteries already proves that your body does the wrong thing with calcium.  Stop it immediately.  No male needs extra calcium. The magnesium is fine...
It really does work,and it work's for mytral valve prolapse and angina and an overall pain or soreness in the heart area,I've used it now and then since 1996
That comment was intended for the  co-enzyme Q-10 section,i dont know how or why it ended up on the calcium post
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I started getting problems with my heart when I was 6 months pregnant. My heart would go very fast and the only thing that would help was the air conditioner cranked or cold water. After I had my daughter the fast heart rate slowed down but I started to get pvcs. I would get one single one ever couple days.. Then one day I got like 4 in a row, I grabbed my chest tried coughing it out as usual but it continued.. At that moment I thought I was going to die even looking over at my boyfriend telling him I loved him... The pvc continued that long , when it did stop my heart started to race probably out of anxiety as well. Ever since then I've had that particular thing happen only twice but I worry every second when it's going to happen again and I live with pvcs daily.. I've tried magnesium it helps a little. I've even had a minor heart attack 3 years ago. Can anyone help with some advice? I'm so shocked at how many people are going through the same thing.
Thanks for listening tami
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I have found that the Quinol (Qunol) form of CoQ10 causes severe levels of PVC's while the Quinolone form does none of this.  The Quinol form also seems to cause pronounced Bradycardia.  I am at a total loss to explain this as the only difference is supposed to be that one form is oxidized and the other reduced.  Has anyone else observed this.  My observation needs study as this suggests dangers with the Quinol form and it is starting to replace the Quinolone form and many more persons might be affected.  Beware!!!
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CoQ10 worked for getting my PVC's to go away too!! And mine were often like big bams!
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Terat , Oh oh., I take the Qunol brand of Uniquinol. I was going to up dose to 2 times.

I was recenlty diagnosed with PVC's, and just had stress test with echocardiogram. Other than PVC's nothing abnormal. Waiting on resuls of 48 hour Holter monitor.

Cardio want to review for NSVT ( non sustained ventricular tachycardia) and review PVC burden before suggesting observation versus ablatoin procedure!

ALso read that levothyroxine might cause PVC's, I've benn on that for over 10 years for hypothyroidism.

Funny thing is, I dont have a lot of symptoms, other than some twinges near my chest, and sometimes feel a little flutter. Oh, and sometimes feel light headed, but have never fainted.

This is all new to me, and rather scary. Doc even told me not to go to the gym, or play softball, until he reviews est, (and maybe orders more tests).

Not sure if I should be worried, or not?

So many ideas here regrading causes, some I need to try. .
Reading these posts made me curious, how many of you are using Splenda/Sucralose? Long proving story, but I confirmed that stuff was giving me nutty heartbeats.When I quit the splenda, the weird heartbeats quit.
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I had mine since early last year.. It all started when I tried strenuous exercise with a group of friends that really beat me up. It all feels normal until 3 days after, progressingly I had my heart pounding quickly, even at rest I register 90bpm. I can feel every thump my heart made. My BP is around 138/80 (normal 117/70). I took Q10 as you all know it.  That episode ends about 1 week after. Not long after that, my heart started to skip a beat, once a day. About a month later, I got around 15 to 20 per day. Towards the end of the year, I have 3 to 4 skipped beats in a row, each session can last almost a day regardless of what I am doing..at rest, driving, walking. It really drive me nuts. Went to cardiologist, stress test, EKG, ECG, CT scan, Holter.. The cardiologist said it is common and nothing to worry about. The only thing that is harmful is your worries might affect your heart in the long run he said.

My arrhythmia trigger is coffee and I stopped it altogether. I stopped worrying so much about it too. I admit it still freak me out some time, but I just try to brush away those doomed feeling.
I still have them now and then, but on a rare basis. Even if it occurs, it'll be a short period say, 1 hour.

I just lie down, breath slowly and try to be as relaxed as possible whenever my PVC occur. It really help at least for me.

To add a note, Q10 didn't  really help me with my arrythmia. But stopping my coffee did slow it down.
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I got a virus 6 weeks ago and ever since then I have non-stop heart palpitations. I'm a veteran and so I use the VA Hospital for my health care and they can't figure out what is wrong. I did a 24 hour heart monitor and I had almost 11,000 PACs and PVCs. They keep telling me I have anxiety but all I know is that I never had this in my life and when I got sick with this virus this all started. Anyone have any similar history of this happen to them? I had mono as a kid and I have a history of Graves' disease but they say my thyroid testing is normal. My life has totally changed, flipped upside down. Any thoughts on if this could have been triggered by this virus? I find it hard to belive it is a coincidence, like they are telling me. I just keep getting the brush off. Very frustrating.  
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