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Is Heart rate 50-60 bpm low??

I'm 42 yr old male (6'2", 95kg). Recently I had acquired a smartwatch which has continuous heart rate monitor. The readings show resting heart rate around 50-60 bpm. Is it low?? I'm moderately active working out 3-4 days a week - mix of circuit training and jogging. Are these workouts sufficient to keep resting heart rate down?? Should I consult cardiologist for slow heart rate?? I don't have any other symptoms associated with slow heart rate
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question!  You are an active man which is why your resting heart rate goes below 60.  A lower heart rate is optimal as it usually indicates that someone has excellent heart function.   Professional athletes can have a heart rate of 40, for example.  Your range of 50 to 60 will most likely not be a concern and likely laud you with praise for your work out efforts and lifestyle choices but please do check with your doctor about it. Your primary care doctor would be a good resource and an annual physical is always a good thing to go over our overall health.  
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it's definitely a slow heart rate but these heart rate monitor isn't that much reliable so you should visit a good doctor and consult him.
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When I'm involved in running/workouts heart rate varies from  80-140 bpm.. only some times a day I see the readings on 50-60. I've anyways consulting a cardiologist
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Thanks all for the responses. I talked to cardiologist, he felt nothing abnormal..and he suggested not to worry unless there is  symptoms like diziness, discomfort.
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My heart always beats to fast after consuming dinner and couldnt get it down to a resting rate so my cardio put me on 50 mg Metoprolol and it was fine for long time and was told only to take it at bedtime. But then it was beating too slow at the BP was 103/60 with 55 beats so they bumped me to 25 mg and now its 113/80 with 65 beats so I feel better to because those lower beats I wasn't feeling good on at all!
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