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Is going off of Metoprolol dangerous

I apologize if this is in the wrong section.
I was put on metoprolol about six years ago for hypertension and palpitations. I have been eating right and have lost some weight over the last year. I have been taking 100 mg at noon and 100 mg at midnight. For a while now my resting heart rate has been very slow anywhere from 39 bpm to the low to mid forties and I've felt like a zombie. I went to my doctor and he told me to reduce from 200 mg to 150 daily.(100 at noon 50 at midnight) A week later I was still having slow heart rate and he reduced from 150 to 100.(50 mg at noon 50 mg at midnight) 3 days later I went back because of slow heart rate and he cut it down to 25 mg at noon and 25 mg at midnight. I've read that it is dangerous going off of Metoprolol and was wondering if I should be worried.  
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See teko's post......similar question.  Don't know of the accuracy of the info, but it is related to your question.  Take care!
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It is dangerous to suddenly go off metoprolol, you have to be slowly be tapered off.  I also have a slow resting Heart rate of about 46bpm, and my doctors apering me off, since i have lost weight and i am eating right.  

Good Luck!
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beta blocker blues !   should say b.p meds blues !  
with any beta blocker long term use and short term - over 50 mg per day  you must be
slowly weened off - bit by bit  with a doctors help.  I was toprol xl  (same drug) for 6.5 years -it took me months to get off the drug safe -  the drugs will make anyone feel like a walking zombie. I lost feeling with who I was , and what is normal ? it got that bad..
I had a list of over 68 side effects from this drug ! most were untold side effects ,that doctors never tell you about -or pharm companys will list.  

best to slowly ween off the med - and see if your (good) doctor will help you out in doing it !  it took me 6 doctors, before I got help with weening off the med.  
but thats due to the hmo I was with.  

Good luck and take it slow and easy !  
booger the nose
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metoprolol is a beta blocker and is mainly given in hypertension, angina and cardiac arrethmias. it should be taken by the halp of your physician. if you want to goes off it suddenly it can affect alot. so you have to taper off it by steps.
Dr. Farman
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I was on metorprolol 25mg for only 1 month for rapid heartrate but the drug had an adverse reaction would cause irratic heartbeats pounding heart couldent sleep but just a few hours at a time went to the er 4 times finally my doc came back from his vacation and changed me to cardizem 120mg and today is the third day off the metoprolol but because i still had some of the metoprolol in my system im still having a fast heartrate around 97 to 100 comes and goes,My advise to anyone comimg off metoprolol is do it very slowly.metoprolol is not to be taken lightly although i know a few people my sis for one thats had no problems with the drug.
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I only take 12.5 mg a day.. I skipped a day and didnt die.. But im assuming since your taking such a large dose that you need to taper off.. Your heart becomes used to the medicine and once its gone your heart is gunna be really confused.
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