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Is it a heart attack?

Hello, im 37 years old male, and i am a smoker, trying to cut down.
Normally, iam a very anxious and worried person and have at times pacin attacks.
Years ago, about 7 years ago, i had heavy palpitation problems, doing test and all, it appered that i had low magnezium level.
Recently, after all what i am reading about sudden heart attacks, im thinking about it a lot.
I do get palpitations every now and then, im not suffering any heartburns or anything.
Watched docs and read about symptoms, but it was said that some times there are no symtoms for heart attack.
I am suffering no shortness of breath...
But today, i was a bit dizzy after a long walk, and felt light headed, but nothing else. But cant stop thinking of it, and fear of it.
Is it only anxiety, or could it be anything else that has to do with the heart.
Or are there, other symptoms that some one should pay attention to?
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The only way to know for sure is to get medial treatment and get tested.  I know you are anxious, and probably will remain this way until you have the answers, so I suggest you contact your doctor or if you are sympotmatic now go to the ER.
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Yesterday i had hypotension backed up by a serios panick attack, was rushed to the ER, they did EKG and bloodtest for any markers, but everything was fine, it was a panic attack, or anxiety attack, i visited a doctor today, he prescribed me some magnezium and calcium suppliments, and mild tranquilizers.
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At age 37 there is a chance that quitting smoking will put you in the category of a non-smoker, health wise.  If you continue to smoke the pimp sticks, you will either have heart disease or lung cancer, there is always the chance for bladder/prostate issues.  It isn't a question of 'if', but a question of 'when'.  
If you quit the pimp sticks now, you have a chance at living a normal life.
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You are worrying yourself to death. Stop worrying about your heart and enjoy life.
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well i guess that is main problem, worrying!
iworry about everything and every single detail. especially that i have been living through a practically void life lately, jobless and all what comes with it.
i have quit smoking 3 days ago after i had my anxiety attack and was rushed to ER...which is putting me through stressful moments, and getting dizzy a lot (maybe from the increased oxygen level im breathing)
did some tests today, heart is fine, the doctor asked for some blood tests just as a rule out.
now i have neck pain that occurred out of the blue
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When I gave up smoking (after many years) I too was light headed. It's a combination of lower blood pressure and more oxygen
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