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Is it heart disease?

Hi, I'm a bit worried about my mum. She's been having a lot of chest pains and feeling a recurring pain in her left arm, she is also having a bit of trouble breathing at times. Sometimes she feels tired even though she hasn't been doing much and has had enough sleep. I'm not sure what it is, as I know my mum has always had a weak heart. Could these symptoms possibly be signs of heart disease/heart attack? If you have any suggestions, ideas or advice - please tell me as it would be very much appreciated!



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These are signs of heart attack.  Plugged arteries cause chest pain.  She should see a cardiologist as soon as possible to prevent future heart attacks.  
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Please tell your Mom to have her doctor send her to a Cardiologist a.s.a.p.  I had all of the symptoms she is having.  I was way past ready for a heart attack.  I am just recovering 4 months after having Quadruple Heart Bypass Surgery.   Please tell her not to be afraid, just to get to her doctor now.   He will give her the proper medications to get her through the next few months.  Tell her she can be stronger than she thinks and her daughter, I am sure, will be there to help her through this, just like mine was.  Good Luck.
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Mom definitely needs to be seen ASAP.  
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