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Is my heart rate normal

I'm 21, male, I am obese (400 pounds), I'm OCD and have very bad anxiety. I take the following meds: invega, fluvoxamine, benztropine, zoloft, and buspirone. I've always been scared somethings wrong with my heart. like 3 years ago i called the ambulance twice in 2 weeks cause i thought something was wrong with my heart. turned out it was fine.. about a month and half ago i went to the er complaining of dizziness and a heated feeling in my chest. they did ekg, heart monitor, blood test, everything was fine. he said the dizziness was caused from inner ear fluid or something. anyways, since im so overweight, is it normal for my resting heart rate to be around 56-68, mostly in the morning when i wake up or am sitting down for a long time? but when i walk around or do something active it varies around 76-86 id say. is this normal? im very very unactive and obese, i would have figured id have a higher rate. Is this normal?
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Your heart rate sounds pretty good to me for someone overweight. I am assuming that your blood pressure is normal or nicely on the lower side or your heart would likely be working harder. 68 bpm is perfect and if it drops to 56 I wouldn't be concerned. To put things in perspective, due to too much medication prescribed I've experienced 23-28bpm and I had no dizziness. If you stand up and your heart only goes to 76-86 then again it sounds pretty good to me. Mine jumps to around 90-100 and then settles to around 85-90 when I stand up. I was told by a cardiologist that the thing to look for is response times to see how healthy your cardiovascular system is. For example, when you stand up, your heart rate should react quite quick and then if you sit back down it should return to its resting rate within 2 mins. If it relaxes much sooner then great, your system is on the ball and having no problems.
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One more thing. I don't know if this is normal or not but my heart beat changes within the way I breathe. If I exhale all the way and hold it, my heart beat slows down and stays like that until I start breathing again. Or if I do different patterns with my breathing, the rhythm of the beats change. I'm concerned for this cause I don't know if this is normal or not. Should I make an appointment and get checked out or do you think this is normal? I did go to the hospital about a month and a half ago and they did blood tests, EKG, I was on a heart monitor, etc and they said everything was fine. But honestly it didn't seem like I had these problems then.
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