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I was diagnosed with RHD when I was 9yrs old and I had a lifetime medicine prescribed by my doctor before but my mom told me that she stopped medicating it coz it's making me thin, weak and sickly. I've been having difficulty in breathing since I was diagnosed with RHD most especially every night when I'm about to sleep but this only happens when I'm super duper tired it also consists of chest pain, numbness and tingling of chest(left part only), my hands and sometimes my feet also. I got pregnant when I was 18yrs old and my OB told me that I need to consult with a cardiologist since I'm nearing my due and she heard a heart murmur when she's checking me so I went to see a cardiologist, he consulted me and said that my heart was healthy he even recommended me to have 2D echo just to be sure and guess what? The results were all normal saying that my heart is healthy. What I'm wondering about is why do I still experience the things that I had when I was diagnosed with RHD even though the doctors cleared me out? Somebody please help me? I need some advice before consulting a doctor because I'm really very confuse :(
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Well Rheumatic fever usually affects the heart valves and it sounds as though treatment started quite early with you as a young child. The slight murmur heard by your Doctor could have been a leaky valve but the echo confirmed it is likely to be within tolerances.  I would see the Doctor about your 2D results again. I would ask what condition your valves are in. If you have a valve which is moderate in leakage, then this could explain your symptoms. If your valves are leaking mildly or trivial, then you are fine. If you carried a child and gave normal birth, believe me, there can't be much wrong with your heart. It basically has to work twice as hard as normal.
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