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Is this a sympton of high blood pressure

I have been battling high blood pressure for quite a while. I have also been diagonsied with dilated cardiomyopathy and LBBB. My doctor has changed, increased, decreased, several different medications since January of this year.  I am currently taking 11 tablets a day related to blood pressure.  I went for a check-up two weeks ago and my pressure was 220/122.  It seems nothing is working.  My question is other symptons I am having. I have been having periods of numbness on my left side that last only a minute or less, numerous headaches, blurred vision, middle chest pain.  Could all of these symptons be related to blood pressure problems?  I have never heard of high blood pressure causing numbness like I have been having.  I am becoming very frustated and concerned for my health.  I appreciate any help you can give me.
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I think you urgently need to see someone who specializes in high blood pressure.  You pressure is way too high and these symptoms you are having could definately be due to your blood pressure.  You need to get this under control before something irreversible happens to you. If you have these symptoms again I would go to the emergency room.  Don't delay in getting this taken care of.
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Sue, that numbness sounds like it could be a TIA, which is sort of a mini, temporary stroke.  My mother had the same thing (and she also has extremely high blood pressure), they did an ultrasound on her carotid arteries which indicated blockage on one side, and she had surgery to open up the artery.  During that hospitalization, they also referred her to a kidney specialist, who has been able to get mom's blood pressure down to a level it has not been in 40 years.
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