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Is this anything to worry about?

I had an echo in november, and a heart monitor in november for 2 weeks and for 4 weeks in december, x ray, blood in december, and countless ekgs. All normal aside from "benign" pvcs, my left atria and vent are mildly dilated but the doctor says its "perfectly healthy, high end of normal" which i refuse to believe cause then ehy not call it normal and not dilated?

Anyway my concern is that last few days, my pulse/heartbeat had been really strong. Not racing or beating fast/rapidly, just really strong, I read that this is a heart failure symptom, I have no swelling, not gasping for air or anything but im just scared of having heart failure due to this strong beating i feel in my pulse, if i check my pulse in my tempiral i see my hands shaking, i feel it in my head and hear it when sleeping, when i check my wrists or chest it just appears to be beating really strongly, im just scared and sad because my doctors dont even let me talk to explain things dince my very first appointment which makes me feel like they dont care :( should this be a concern at all? I feel it shouldnt be beating strong? I hope my heart isnt enlarging more either

26, 5'11 265lbs (was 285 in november), white male in america.
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Chances of heart disease at your age is extremely low, even lower based on how much testing you've gone through. What you're describing sounds like anxiety to me but I'm not a doctor. Have you addressed health anxiety? You should reach out to your doctor and let them know what's going on but I doubt if there's much to it.
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