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Is this deep chest pain anxiety/muscle or heart related?

Hello and good day
*My background & History:
1) I am a 25 years old male patient with long history of panic & anxiety disorder. I am going through a relapsing stage. Long story short, first time I have been treated with Celexa 20mg & Prozac 20. And after a few years and slowly cutting down on pills I was doing well and came off pills with few panics. By the time I had gained 13KG (near 28 pounds) within 3 years. My height is 5’11(182cm) and my previous weight was 93kg (205lbs). My strict no-meat diet within 3 months made me lose (28 pounds) and now I look fit with a weight equal to approximately 80kg (176lbs). I started to lose my hairs, my hairs became so thin, I started having insomnia and panic disorder hit me hard again for second time after a very stressful life style. There were days I thought I was having a heart attack and an ECG test for three times in three different occasions showed nothing wrong.

2) Activity report: During past year I have almost walked 5km(3.1 mi) per day (at least)which was the key factor to a rapid weight loss. So I am partially active even though I am a computer programmer who sits most of the time. I drink tea a lot. I don’t smoke. And I don’t use alcoholic drinks in no way.in my family we have no family background for heart disease.

3) But ever since my panics have begun and I went back on Celexa 20mg, I feel heaviness on my chest. Randomly I wake up in middle of nights short on breathing trying to catch a breath I can’t. my chest feels heaving I try to control my breath and don’t take deep breaths as I know it can fuel my anxiety. During daytime since past week (second week on Celexa) I feel I am short of breath all day and I think I need deep breaths(I take only few attempts for deep breaths as I know deep breathing can cause more anxiety symptoms)but I have this shortness of breath that gets 50% better if I take Xanax.

Main event: Yesterday I was using a shovel to move 80kg (170lbs) of mud and dirt to the side of the yard. In the middle of the job I sensed I am short on breath again. I felt a mild pain in my “left” chest area, a pain in the “middle of left chest”, a pain that occurred behind my ribs. I have to put stress on it: I had no arm pain whatsoever. But what scared me was that I know the difference between heart pain and anxiety pains. Anxiety ones are very sharp sudden and unexpected, they happen on outer chest wall most of the time. But this time during my activity, the pain was deep inside me, it was mild. I felt like it was located inside my heart or a place close to heart. If I stopped shoveling the pain goes away in a few minutes. I waited a few minutes and No other symptoms developed to convince me it was a serious condition. Pain did not grow nor went away it was there and would only go away if I sat down for a few minutes.

After a few hours pain was relieved. But my heart was pounding in my chest. It is necessary to highlight that except during this event I always have sharp pains in my left hand wrists and inner arms that last seconds but happen regularly. Pain that occurs in my feet and upper legs, neck, jaw and head as well. But no chest pain and arm pain occurred at the same time.

After yesterday’s event today I was walking up a few stairs and pain came back for a few minutes but a lot less compared to yesterday one’s. I walked almost 4kilometers today and had no chest pain but the pain reoccurred when I stepped up on only a few stairs.

Can all this be a good reason for me to jump and go to clinic for another ECG or stress test? Maybe a blood test? Or am I wasting my money since these tests are very expensive in my country? I am afraid my panic disorder damages or have already damaged my heart. Is walking bad for my heart when stressed? I have always avoided fatty foods in my life and kept an active life style.my resting heart rate is between 59-75, does this show a bad heart health?
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