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Ischaemic patients and Sorbitrate

I am 66 year old male. I m told that i had Ischaemia for which the doctors in India have given some medicine for 6 months.this was happend 32 years back.sincethen there was no problem in all these years  and i have never visited cardiologist in this regard.I am told that Doctors in USA suggest the ischemic heart patients to keep a bottle of sorbitrate also incase of need. Is it true. If so do you suggest me to keep one for me, if so what is the minimal dosage that i should keep.

I am sorry i must have taken your valuable time.
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Isosorbide is a slow acting nitrate that dilates coronary vessels and prevents (for some individuals) angina (chest pain) for ischemia (lack of blood flow to heart cells).  Sublinqual nitro is a fasting acting nitrate that relieves pain during an episode.

I take isosorbide prior to going to the gym for a workout and experience no pain.  Occasionally, I take the fast acting nitrate for relief.
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Repeat post
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