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I was having trouble with palpatations and other symptoms, so had an ECG, wore Holtor Monitor and an Echo done, the only thing they found were PVC's and tachycardia.

The troublesome thing is I am having chest pain, exhaustion, and shortness of breath upon exertion. The doctor is now sending me back to see the Cardiologist and wants me to have an exercise stress test.

My question is after having all of the above tests, is a stress test the test to diagnose Angina or Ishemia? Could this condition be missed after having the other tests that all came back normal?

My chest pain is not severe pain, more like a heaviness, pressure in my chest, with intermittant pain now and again, it started just at night, but I see has progressed to the daytime as well. Like a chronic pressure, chest discomfort.

Being a doc. yourself would you also be sending me for these other tests, would you suspect Angina/Ishemia?



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Angina can present wearing many different hats and this could be angina.  A stress test is the standard method used to diagnosis this condition.
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You sound just like me, I am having the exact same symptoms including the chest pain that feels like heaviness or pressure, mine seems to get worse with exercise and improves with rest.  I have a lot of palpitations (PVCs) also.  And I have in the past had the same kind of tests you have had, and am now supposed to get a cardiolite exercise stress test....I had to postpone this test due to a recurrence of a bad upper respiratory infectin with bronchitis and asthma, I am hoping I get well enough to do the tests in another week.  The tachycardia for me is present at rest and on exertion, but the skipped beats can occur at any time.  I get short of breath from as little as climbing one flight of stairs, but then sometimes I can exercise OK.  I hope you get good results on your tests.  By the way, have you ever had any mitral valve prolapse diagnosed, I was dxed with it in the 1980s and then a few years ago they didn't find it any more, but this cardiologist suspects I still have it he heard some kind of murmur.
He said these same symptoms can come from mitral valve prolapse and if that is it then they are nothing to worry about.  I think that is what he expects to find...he said my last echo showed only mild regurgitation and if it hasn't changed then I won't even have to take antibiotics prior to dental work anymore.  of course, it doesn't help deal with the symptoms, but it will be nice to know for sure that these symptoms are harmless.  Dee
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I haven't seen you post here in a while.  I was wondering how your daughter was feeling?
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Bev....thank you for inquiring about my daughter.  She is doing very well right now....the cardiologist has dismissed her from care and even though the rheumy found a new heart murmur not previously seen, he feels it is innocent and the cardiologist agreed as long as she has no symptoms she does not need to return....her Graves' Disease appears to be in remission and she has been without antithyroid drugs since June with no return of symptoms, although the goiter remains about the same it is not noticeable unless you know to look for it.  Her lupus also appears to be in remission and there is a possibility that it was drug induced from the Tapizole for the graves....since she has antidsDNA it may be regular lupus, but is hard to tell right now...but she is having very few symptoms.  She has been symptoms free since July, and is swimming 20-25 hours a week competitively.  At 15, she is FINALLY getting to be a regular kid.  The final dx from the cardiologist was chest pain related to inflammation from the lupus
and now despite all the exercise she is having no pain.  Thanks again for inquiring about her!
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Thanks for the follow-up.
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