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My Father in law is 66 years old and since last 6 months he is experiencing chest pain near heart while walking for few meters. We consulted Cardiologist and undergone ECG and ECHO. The reports are normal. The TMT report shows: "No Angina or Arrhythmias.tmt strongly positive for inducible ischema.st depression inferolateral leads during exercise and late recovery ". Now Doctor has prescribed for Angiogram. He said he can suggest for treatment only after seeing the angiogram reports. Please help with your suggestion that whether we should go for angiogram. He is a diabetic patient since last 15 years and having high Blood pressure complaint since last 5 years.
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absolutely he should go for an angiogram, there is no doubt about it. The Cardiologist needs to know which arteries are affected, and by how much. Angiogram is the gold standard. If you don't have an angiogram, you will be guessing that everything will be fine, and hoping he doesn't have a heart attack and die.
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Thanks for your suggestion. He hadindergone with Angiogram and multiple blocks in 4 of the arteries has been found. Doctors suggested for CABG surgery. Can it be treated by medicine? He has 100% block in one artery, 95%, 90%, 90% in others.  
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Unfortunately there is no medication to remove those blockages, millions of people wish there is. Your Cardiologist is definitely making the right decisions and you should trust in him. I think the best course of action is bypass surgery. I know the thought of such surgery is frightening, I've had it done myself, but really it is the best action. If your Father in Law has any questions  about what to expect, I will be happy to answer them, so will some others on this forum who have also endured the procedure.
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Thank you very much for your valuable suggestion. In case of any further querries or concern, I will surely come back to you. Thanks once again
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