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Ischemic cardiomyopathy

MUGA test. Findings:Review of the great vessels appears normal while the pericardium appeared normal. There is mild to moderate left ventricular enlargement with mildly enlarged right ventricular size. Left ventricle (rest): the LVEF was 32% with more severe hypokinesis present in anteroseptal septal regions as well as the inferior region. The lateral wall contractile function appears most vigorous. Can this be reversed or improved upon and how?
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That's hard to say without any further info, but if you did have a heart attack in the past, then the likelihood of recovery in very low to none.  If there was no heart attack and that area is in a "sleeping mode" then having a catheterization and potential stenting vs. bypass surgery could definitely help.  Either way, it is important however that you get good treatment to prevent any further decrement.  That involves being on appropriate medications which include beta blockers and ace ihhibitors.  
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