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Issue after 6 Months of Triple Heart Bypass surgery

My Dad (72 years old) had heart bypass surgery 6 months back in India, Doctor haven't disclosed us from where he has taken the vein/artery to bypass, certainly he has not taken it from the leg. Does anyone know apart from leg from where the doctors take the vein/artery to bypass the heart blockage.

Major issues my dad is having:

1. Abdominal Pain: He is having severe pain inside abdominal, he doesn't know if these are stitches or something else. Its being 6 months he is unable to stand straight due to the abdominal pain, as soon he tries to stand straight he feel abdominal stretch causing severe pain from inside. He always complain that he feels like doctor has taken vein from the abdomen, which we do not know if it so. We still are not clear how long this pain will stay or will ever go away.

2. Arms and Shoulder weakness: His arms and should has become very week over these 6 months that he is unable to lift himself from the bed.

Does any one having similar issue, If so, is there any recommendation or insight someone can provide ?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  How is your dad doing now?  Please check in with his doctor if you or he has any concerns.  The leg is a very common place to do the vein graft for bypass.  But they will also often use the chest or arm for an artery graft.   I think asking them to detail exactly what they did make sense. Let us know how he is doing.
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