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Jaw pain while exercising

For years, I have experienced intense pain in my jaw while exercising.  It used to be bearable, so I ignored it.  Now, however, it is hitting me earlier (maybe 5-10 minutes after I start exercising) and the pain is also very intense.  I stopped exercising to make it go away - also making it easy to ignore - but yesterday I had to run for the train (maybe 5 minutes of running) - and it was some of the most excrutiating pain I have ever felt.  So, it seems to be getting worse over time.  I also sometimes have some numbness in my arm.  It doesn't hurt at all, but it goes numb and I can't seem to do anything with it - I can't move it unless I pick it up with my other hand.

After looking online, it looks like the jaw pain (and arm pain?) could be a symptom of some kind of heart problem (maybe angina)?  However, I have absolutely no chest pain, and I don't feel sick.  I am fairly young (27) and a healthy weight.  I don't want to bother my doctor - I've been in there a lot recently for other problems (aching joints, depression, a rash, etc.)  And I feel like these are only 2 minor symptoms that will probably turn out to be nothing.  Are these 2 symptoms reason to be worried about heart problems, even considering the lack of chest pain?
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i have no answers for you, but im interested to see what anyone says about this.

ive had something similar. when i do exercise it tends to hurt, but not excruciating. i think its something to do with hydration.

but also, funnily enough i ALWAYS get jaw pains when my hands are in hot water for any length of time. it is my genuine reason for not doing the washing up. lol people dont believe me but its true, and it drives me crazy.
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Jaw pain and numbness in the left arm are some of the signs of impending heart problems. Jaw pain can be one of the most excruciating pain known to man. oir woman!! You must determine the source of the pain, what is causing it.  Something is putting pressure on the trgeminal nerve, it could be putting your hands in hot water, the tissue swells a little, putting pressure onthe nerve causing the pain.

Are you unconsously clenching your teeth when running?  Maybe you are starting out too fast when excercising, start out very slow, and slowly increase your speed until you feel the first tingle in your jaw. slow down a little and maintain that speed. You will otice that you will go longer and longer before you get the pain, and finally you wont get it all---unless it is a heart problem.
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You are not bothering your doctor by visiting him.
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Did you end up going to the doctor? I have been having pretty uncomfortable pain in my jaw and neck after running coupled with coughing and scratchy throat. I plan to go to the doctor to see if I have exercise induced asthma.
I hope you went to the doctor. Those are some very serious side effects you are having!
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