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Just Had a wisdom extration yesterday and now my heart rate tonight is 129 while standing up!!

I just had a wisdom toothe pulled yesterday and it was hell ..they put my on antibiotics and viccodine ..this morning i felt better and at 12noon took my norvasc 5mg pill then around 5pm i stared felling clammy and hot and noticed my breathing was wierd..then when i went to the train to get a transit card my heart was beating outta my chest just for walking up the train station stairs...when i got home my bp was 143 over 100 and my heart rate was 104...then i went to the kitchen and check my blood pressure standing up it was 139 over 93 was a heart rate of 129 just standing does anybody know wht this is happening..is it the extraction and how much blood i swollowed or is it the antibotics ...what my friends please help!..
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Hope you're feeling better by now!  It had to be a reaction to one of the meds.  One time I had to go straight to the ER from the ear, nose and throat Dr because he had sprayed lidocaine or zylocaine with epinephrine into my nose, but my reaction came only 20 minutes later because od the way it was ingested.  The Dr told me I just had a sensitivity to it. PS. I have never had a reaction like that to Vicodin.  I think one of the "caine" drigs is more likely the culprit.
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The pain medication is most likely the culprit.  Report what's happening immediately to whomever extracted your teeth.  I think you're having an adverse reaction to the Vicodin, or it could be that you're having a drug interaction.  An extraction will not cause these problems so you must look at the meds.
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