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Knee Pain and cardiac surgery

Im a 39 year old male.  I had a triple bypass last year in May.  After the surgey, my chief complaint is knee pain.  In both knees.  Mostly in the left knee though.  I can some what understand if it was just one knee, but this is affecting both.  It seems to be worse when it is about to rain.  My heart doctor is dumbfounded and I have seen a pain specialist.  The pain specialist thinks it is phantom pains.  I have had several xrays, and nothing showing.  I am taking several medications, but we have tried dropping and changing to see if they were causing it.  Do you have any suggestions?
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I had a bentall surgery (Open heart surgery) involving valve replacement and conduit graft. My knees were always fine bit after the surgery I am having pain in both knees. I am 31 , its embarassing to have knee pain at this age and everything else is back to normal

- Abhi
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I had 4 bypasses w/5 veins from my left leg where the veins were taken.
VA states it is arthritis but no problems w/other leg. Bypass in early 2010
and recently started to hurt. Believe pain is associated w/loss of blood flow in leg, especially since 1 vein was right next to knee.
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My father is having the same issue to the point of he can barely stand up and walk it hurts him so badly.  He also had the surgery last May.  I was surprised to see you having the same issue, being so young.  My dad will be 74 this year.  I hope you find some relief and if you find out anything encouraging please post it.  He was in great health and very strong with no arthritis or any pain anywhere before this happened.
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