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Knot on friend's hand...

Hi, while at my friend's house today, she told me that her BP was high... It was about 154/97. She said it has been running really high, and that she is on 300 mg of BP medicine daily. She said that she had been upset over a situation in  her life this week. She also said that she noticed a lump suddenly appear on her hand today out of no where, & it was slightly painful. She showed it to me, and it looked like a marble under her skin and was kinda blue. I told her she should probably go in & see her doctor soon to get it checked out. Any ideas as to what this might be? I was wondering if she may have been in danger of having a stroke or something... Thanks....
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Sounds like a hematoma - a collection of blood under the skin. She may have simply got it from bumping her hand, hit a blood vessel just right and it bled under the skin. It will be tender. But like a bruise, it will gradually break down and heal.

The stress isn't helping her BP any, I'm sure, but life hands us rough times. I hope she stays on the medication. It takes time to work.
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