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L-BBB's and Thallium Stress Tests
I have a Left Bundle Branch Block and recently had a
Thallium stress test with treadmill. While I did not
last very long on the treadmill, I was told the results
were normal and I did not experience any angina or
chest pain during the test. Just shortness of breath
and extreme tiredness - probably from being very decon-

Afterwards, I got a call from my doc and he said they
need to re-do the test. He indicated that I may be getting
a false-positive result from the Thallium nuclear scans.
The results were abnormal and/or inconclusive.

So, this time - they plan to use Adenosine to stress me
rather than the treadmill. Then, I assume - they will
scan my heart the same way as they did last week.

My basic questions are:

1. Will using Adenosine make the test more accurate in any
way? And if so, why?

2. Is there a more effective [ non-invasive ] way other than Adenosine / Thallium to determine if one really does have any  arterial blockage[s]?

3. Is it common for folks with L-BBB's to get abnormal or
false positive results with treadmill/Thallium tests?

Thank you very much for the Heart Forum and your informative
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1. If you were able to increase your heart rate appropriately while exercising, the adenosine will not provide any more info. If you were not, then the adenosine will be useful.
2. A cardiac catheterization would be more definitive, but does carry some risk.
3. Yes, this is not uncommon.
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