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I've been having chest pain on my left side sort of right under the rib and I'm not sure what is it? I've had it for almost two years now. I never went to look it up because I thought maybe it's just something minor, but it keeps happening. When I lay on my side or being in a particular posture then it'll hurt and the pain is really sharp. I've never had anything really bad happen before accept for about one year ago when I was in bed about to get up and right when I lift myself up there was such a sharp pain that I feel as if I shouldn't make any move, say anything, or do anything with any sort of pressure or something bad might happen. I want to know what this might be? As of now I haven't experience anything major like hard breathing or heart beeping rapidly etc. I just want to make sure that this is nothing major and if it's just minor then what can I do to stop it because these things do get me very fearful or what might happen to me tomorrow or the next day?.......
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My name is Ike and i am 23 years of age, i feel a little bit pain on my left sided chest when i am deep breathing and when i lay down on my left with my hand...  I dont know the cause for that, pls i want to know what could that be?
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women show different signs of heart problems than men sometimes, but i do agree with freightdog, it could be muscular or you may have a rib out of place and need to see a chiropractor. you should get it checked out though by a dr.  remar
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Hey dude,
I'm no doc, but I'd bet a years pay it's not your heart.  I've had a heart attach, and I visit heart patients as a volunteer;  and I've never heard any heart patient complain of a "sharp pain" or pain "under the rib".  Suggest strongly you see a doc for an MRI--sounds like a muscular thing to me.  It'll put your mind to ease--well worth the bucks.
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