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My BP always runs low, but for the past 3-4 weeks, I've barely been able to move around-dizzy, fatigued, fuzzy-headed.  Have been taking Lexapro successfully for 5 months, but am wondering if this is a side effect.  Was at the ER for bumping my head and they said my BP was "off" when testing me while standing/sitting/laying down.   I called the pharmacist to see if Lexapro could cause low BP and she said it wasn't a side effect.   Is there different or other information available?
Thank you.
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Withdrawal from lexapro could cause some of these symptoms, but I am assuming that you are taking your doses regularly.  I am concerned that they were unable to get a blood pressure measurement and that you continue to be dizzy.  You should have this evaluated further, sooner than later.  
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yours sounds like Orthostatic hypotension...mine is just running plain low with sudden sharp drops and near fainting....at any rate im sympathizing with the fatigue...how old are you?
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Thank you for your replies.  I am 44, healthy female...don't smoke, eat right etc.  I will look into Orthostatic hypotension and also schedule appt. with my physician.  Thanks in advance for any additional information.
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