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'LV normal cavity size with hyperdynamic systolic function, visual EF 65-70%'

This showed up on my echo a few days ago?
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It means it pumps more blood than it should, but alot of doctors would still call that normal.
Agree with Matiadbueno94.  EF is your Ejection Fraction.  When your heart beats it first fills with blood, it then squeezes out that blood.  Normally about 66% gets squeezed out.  This is call the Ejection Fraction.  Usually anything over 55% is considered "normal".  If it's to high your heart may be working to hard so you need to look at heart rate and blood pressure as well.  DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor.  I am not qualified to provide medical advice.  I am only trying to provide information for you to research further.
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