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Lactate Dehydrogenase

Posted By Michael Harrison on April 20, 1998 at 03:31:14:

I am a 44 year old male /reasonable health/not overweight/heavy smoker/no clinical history of disease.
Recently I had my LDH levels tested and was advised that the level was higher than desired but normal at a measurment of 39 units.  I am told the desired level is 35 units.  All other tests BP, chol & trig, Urea & elec MSU were well within normal range.
My doctor advises to cut down on fatty foods.  I do not understand this advice based on a slightly raised LDH level.  
The reason that I had the overall check up in the first place was I felt my urinary output was less frequent than normal.  At least once a day at most three times a day and after any amount of alcohol a strong smelI of something in the urine the next day  felt that this was unusual.  Come think of it I'm probably in the wrong department here.  However, I presumed from the advice that he gave that he was infering heart disease from too much fat or low fat tolerance. I do not eat a lot of fatty foods.
My understanding is  that LDH levels are a general indicator related to heart, liver, lung, kidneys and brain?
1. If this is correct in your opinion is "cut down on fatty foods" drawing a long bow?  (Good advice for anyone I suppose.)
2. At such a low level above normal is it a bit over the top to ask the doctor to narrow down the type of LDH causing the overall raised level be that it is only very slightly raised?
3. Is it possible that one type of LDH say related to kidney's is very high with other levels very low so providing an appearance of almost normal?
I wouldn't be asking these questions if I didn't feel there was something wrong/not diagosed.  Its that feeling that you know something is not right.
What would you do?
By the way thanks for reading this and any time you spend in answering would be much appreciated.

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