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Left Anterior Hemiblock


I have been recently diagnosed with Left Anterior Hemiblock. In an ecg last year, the hemiblock was not present. This year, it now is. My cardiologist says "there is no change" in the two ecgs. He says it is an incidental and simply down to individual variation. I'm really confused about this. How can there be "no change" when one ecg is normal and the recent says left anterior hemiblock?

I am 30 years old, female, non-smoker and relatively fit. My cardiologist says my heart is "normal", but this just seems so strange, and very scary given the new hemiblock. My left axis deviationis -55.

My only cardiac risk factor is severe anxiety ongoing for 10 years - this is relatively well controlled by zoloft but I have always had frequent episodes of tachycardia, palpitations and white coat syndrome (usually my BP is normal but under severe stress it reaches 150/95)

My question is why this has happened and what has caused the new hemiblock? Can I exercise as normal? Does this put me at risk for future heart problems such as more serious heart blocks? I am finding this really frightening!

Thank you!
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A left anterior hemiblock simply indicates there is some delay in conduction through the normal electrical system of the heart supplying the left ventricle.  This may be present in a variety of conditions including those with advanced coronary artery disease, the elderly, or with structural changes in the heart.  However, this can also be an incidental finding in some individuals, including those who are young and healthy.  It is impossible to say definitively what caused this in your particular situation.  However, there would only be cause for concern if this was associated with other abnormal findings and/or in the presence of any clinical symptoms.  In young, healthy individuals where this is seen - it is usually a benign condition that can be followed serially by an annual EKG.  
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