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Left Chest pain/back/arm

I am 27 years old. I am a female..  Last nite i had extreme chest pain on my left side where my breast is, It was sever sharp and stabbing. It also pulsated through my back. It came on lightly last nght and then hit me severerly fast. I ended up getting on my knees rocking back and forth doing all I could from screaming in pain. The pain was definitly a 10. It last for about 25 minutes in the highest pain, all together maybe lasted 45-50  minutes. The pain was worse when i would take a deep breath. My left hand started to hurt and get numb when i had the worst of the pain. I get some pain in my arm pit area.I also had a headache. I am still in pain in my chest and back but just aching pain. I feel very weak and tired since all of this and lightheaded as if things seem slow to me.  I am curious what could of caused this, what should i do?
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Hi my name cindy I experience sharp pain on my left side of my chest and then my left side of my face went numb. .why is that
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I would also suggest seeing a doctor immediately.  Don't leave it any longer.  If it were something serious it will get worse for being ignored and better for being treated quickly.
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Cardiac pain doesn't usually get worse by breathing deep. And I have never had any stabbing type pain with my heart attacks or angina.  It sounds like it could be muscular.  But, then it could be a pulmonary problem.  Either way, you should see a doctor for this.  Simple tests can tell you a lot more.  Take care, Ally
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Dear brenda,

I have had heart attack about 21 months back, and I'm on medicines after angioplasty( I hope you know what it is, if you don't know,please ask somebody).

My sincere advice to you is,that you go to a doctor(or call one at home as soon as possible,giving this first priority).Please don't delay it.Don't do any work and don't move.Take any Aspirin tablet if you have not already taken.

I hope and wish every thing is and will be alright with you.( I saw this question just now--18 hours after you posted it.

All the best!    
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