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Left arm and chest pain when heart rate increases

I am 44 years old and have extreme arm and left chest pain when my heart rate goes up. When I am sitting at my desk and something gets me upset or my heart starts beating faster, my left arm starts hurting so bad that I cannot move. I had two procedures with my heart specialist and they determined I had a small amount of blockage but nothing serious. They told me to go to a Orthopedic Doctor. After 2 visits to two different Doctors, the Orthopedic Doctor told me that there was nothing they could find wrong with my arm, shoulder, or neck. I cannot walk or get upset becasue when my heart rate increases, the arm pain is unbearable. I swear that it has something to do with my heart but I dont know what to do. I have spent over 55K in 5 years trying to get a diagnosis. I can't have sex or even walk the dogs without my arm and left chest hurting like a bad earache. If anyone has experienced this or has any suggestions, I would surely welcome and appreciate the help.
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Hello there I came across your post and I have to say that I  expirenced the same thing 13 years ago when I was 21 and I thought that I had heart problems and the docotrs and specialist never found anything wrong with me. I finally had one doctor diagnose me with chronic anxiety.I didn't believe him for a long time,but test after test determined that it was that. The pain was awful but 13 years later I am well and feeling great. I just thought maybe that what you are feeling be stress anxiety. Look into or we can chat and I can give you more info about it.
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I'm 50 and have for the past 6 months had a similar issue.  I get on the tread mill, my heart rate goes up and a pain that starts on top-left side of my spine and goes through to the middle of my chest and begins radiating down my left arm.  The pain gets really bad I have to stop running.  I am in pretty descent shape.  EKG says my heart is fine.  Did a stress test, no problems.  Primary Dr. says is is likely a neck issue where the spinal cord is getting stressed and creating "ghost pain" (that's my laymen description).  I'm starting up therapy this week and will update.  To monkeygirl34 comment, I am not particularly more stressed that previously in my life when I didn't have this pain.  
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It could be many things from reversible coronary artery spasm to phrenic nerve irritiation.
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