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Left arm pain

I am a 40 yr female who is very prone to anxiety and panic. For the past almost 2 weeks I have been having random pain in my left arm and shoulder. It's not severe at all, but comes and goes and is different places sometimes. There are times when i can push on it and the pain slightly intensifies. I saw my cardiologist on Monday, he doesnt believe it to be cardiac related, I've had quite a few ekgs,and also have had a treadmill stress test and echo about 3 years ago. I know I cannot be diagnosed over the Internet and I'm sure I will be back at my cardio in full panic before the weekend, but I'm just wondering if what I'm experiencing is typical for cardiac related arm pain??? It's hard to concentrate on anything else, and because I'm a mom on 5 it's adding additional stress due to the fact I feel guilty for worrying every second. Any answers would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you
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Anxiety can lead to a number of psychomotor symptoms and may or may not be the cause of your symptoms.  Your description of the pain worsening when you push on it would suggest more of a musculoskeletal etiology.  However, like you said, it is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis over the internet.  However, having a negative cardiac work-up in the past is more reassuring that if these symptoms were experienced previously were not cardiac in origin. Other factors to evaluate or the presence of other risk factors you might have for having heart disease - hypertension, history of smoking, dyslipidemia, diabetes, and/or a family history of early heart attack.
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