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Life expectancy with 45-50 % EF

My dad survived a heart attack a year ago. He's 56 years old.
His EF a year later was 45-50 %. Otherwise he's doing great, no symptoms of Heart Failure so far. My only concern is his life expectancy. He's taking all his prescribed medication and also is being active, quit smoking.
If everything goes this way, what's the life expectancy with this EF?
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His life expectancy should not be impaired  by these numbers. Heart failure does not start unless his EF drops below 30% and he is well above that. He needs to follow his doctor's instructions and retest as recommended. His next EF measurement may be back in the normal range over 55%.

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Erijon thank you for your answer :)
You really think his EF is going to be back on normal range soon?
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Anyone any other opinion?
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Only your father's cardiologist knows the details of your father's heart function.  I suggest you accompany your father to his next appointment to learn more.
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I'd love to hear from somone who has had similar story as mine, would be very helpful :)
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Anyone please?
It is natural to be worried about this, but there is very little you can actually do to change your dad's situation.  If you are experiencing great anxiety, it would not hurt to get a bit of counseling.  A good therapist can help a lot.
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Hi there. Your fathers heart seems to be doing well. 45-50% is quite good. His life expectancy is really only a matter for his doctor to discuss. I'm no doctor, but based on just the EF, I imagine he will lead as normal life provided he does whats required by the doctors to start with. Write down your concerns and go to the next appointment and get the clarity and peace of mind you need.
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