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Lifeline Screenings

Anybody know anything about the Life Line Screenings that travel around testing for stroke and cardiovascular disease?  Are they any good?
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Thanks for the replies.  I think I will do it.  As you both implied... Why not?
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That's about what my cardiodoc said--they're cheap enough, and won't do any harm.  The problem with them is that results of most of these tests is in the eye of the beholder.  These results can be seen in several ways usually, and the training and competence of the reader comes into play with them.  And of course with these mobile deals, we never know who the reader is or qualifications, etc..

But, what the heck.  Won't do any harm, and $139 is cheap enough to make you feel better, (or get something checked out further).
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I just heard about them from a freind and I have an appointment with them here in Miami in a couple of weeks. There website is www.lifelinescreening.com , phone-1-800-395-1801. They do ultrasound screenings for
1- carotid arteries
2-heart rythm
3-abdominal aortic aneurysm
4-peripheral arterial disease
The cost is $139
To answer your question(are they any good?), I don't know but for $139 I decided to do it.
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