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Living with Atrial Fibrilation

Posted By margaret on February 09, 1999 at 13:33:03:

I sought answers previously but needed to wait until my husband received further treatment.
My husband is 54 years young and has A.F. and an enlarged atriam. On Friday, Feb. 5, 1999, his rythum was converted using the elctrocardio conversion.  He was defibrillated four times. 1 @ 100, 1@ 200, and 2 @ 360, which I understand to be the maximum.  The conversion to sinus rythum lasted approximately two days. We spoke with the cardiologist briefly over the phone and he said that he will not try the elctro cadrio conversion again and that he will treat my husband with medications.  We meet with the cardiologist again on Tuesday, February 16, 1999 and will ask him the following questions, but I would like to present these questions here also.
Why can't we try the eltrocadrio conversion again?  Is medication and learning to be tired and depressed for life the only option for my husband? When are pacemakers/portable defibrillators used.  Is there a chance that my husband's heart could convert on it's own???? We believe the A.F. occured somewhere between Jan 28, 1998 and Nov. 02, 1998.
I was told that my husband ejection fraction is 60% (before and after the elctrocardio conversion).  Is this a good rate?  Again what impact does this condition have on my husband's quality of life.  Also, the doctor also wants to discuss the possibility of a blockage and wants to schedule a catharization and surgery (if necessary for blockages).  Dr. advised that he will have to discontinue the coumadin and aspirin to allow for these test/procedures.  How much risk is involved for stroke/heart attack by discontinuing the medication to see if there is another problem.
My husband takes the following meds:
Lanoxin .25            Once a gay
Pocanbid 1500 mg.       500 mg three times a day
Zocor    80 mg.        Once a day
Gemfibrozil 600 tab.   Once a day
Coumadin 5mg.          Once a day
Aspirin  81 mg.        Two tablets once a day                
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