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Loss of taste.

I am 5 years post LAD cardiac stent placement. I take Crestor, Zetia,   and Metopranol to manage hypertension and, hypercholesterolemia and Clopidogrel to prevent platelet aggregation.
Two years ago I developed Menier's disease with hearing loss and tinnitus. Cause "unknown". Six months ago over a two week period I lost my sense of taste. A trial off Crestor = no change. The neurologist recommends that I stop Metopranol and substitute propranolol. As propranolol is less of an antihypertensive and used to treat anxiety with more side effects (including severe depression), I am reluctant to change. 1. Any one with experience with taste loss (dysgeusia) and Metopranol? 2. Would a switch to carvedilol (Coreg) nebivolol (Bystolic) be more advised or do all the beta blockers have the same side effects?
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You may want to try and post your question in the heart disease section.  You may get a better response there as opposed to the heart rhythm section that generally deals with arrhythmia issues.  Take care.  I hope you feel better soon.
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